Ulysse Nardin EI Toro Challenger Wristwatch can easily get your attention for its eye-catching appearance. Crafted from high-tech materials, the dial is set in chic design, full of the nature of aesthetics as well as bringing inspiration to the wristwatch name.

Continued the excellent tradition of Nardin watches, this timepiece selected the same materials with those of Moonstruck series and equipped with the perpetual calendar automatic movement which is manufactured by its own factory, having double-zone function.

EI Toro Challenger is the first wristwatch with all the functions adjusted by the single crown and the perpetual calendar in opposite rotation. The outer circle and the quick buttons are made of high-tech ceramic material. Skeleton hands design makes the four-window date illegible. Transparent back offers the owner a chance to appreciate the accurate running of the complicated movement. The point is that all functions can be adjusted by the single crown. Even in A.D. 2100 when other perpetual calendars need to be sent back to factory for error adjustment, Nardin I Toro Challenger just need to rotate the date back one day then it can step into the new era without any error.

What is more, it has the patented quick button for hour adjustment. You just need to lightly press the quick button for the time and date of the other zone without taking off the wristwatch. This fantastic timepiece is unique for the four-window date display and opposite rotated movement. The year, month, date and day at respective window can be adjusted by the quick button. Such distinctive design has gained its patent. Such a perfect automatic movement also sets an example for the Swiss Nardin watches. The arrow-shaped hands are able to display the local time and the second-zone time. EI Toro Challenger has observed the certification of COSC to assure its availability and accuracy. It has two styles of 18k rose gold and platinum for selection, produced in limited edition of 500 pieces globally.