The Characteristics of Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet – one of the world’s top ten list of watches, has a very long history. This article introduces the brands story and the characteristics of the brand watches.

Legend began

At first, the Legend began in 1875, two young talents JulesLouis Audemars and EdwardAuguste piguet started their brilliant career and created the manufacture of watches in Switzerland. This company formally established in 1875. In 1881 officially registered “Audemars Biguet & Cie” watch factory. As early as 1889, in the 10th Paris Universal clocks Exhibition, Audemars displayed Grande Complication pocket watches, which were equipped with a minute repeater, and long-timer calendar function. This sophisticated clocks sector design attracted strong responses at that time.

Since then, the company became the world’s largest complex watch invention records brands and on the international watch stage, a classic legend began.

Grande Complication series

Grande Complication series is a technology demonstration of Audemars Piguetto, showing the exquisite technology. The selection of each diamond was very strict, for example, the color and clarity of each diamond must at a high level. Then the diamonds were enchased by experienced Jewelry technologist carefully, so as to show your extraordinary charm and elegant manner.

Limited edition

In 1999, the company launched a limited edition watches which were named after one of the founders Audemars. This watch contains three functions in one, such as Tourbillon and minute repeater. The company set limit to produce only fifteen, so as to salute to Jules Audemars.

Exterior design

In the aesthetic design, Audemars Piguet adhered to the spirit of the contemporary creation. The watchcase is more beautiful, giving a person the vision and relaxed feeling.

Gem watch

Audemars Piguet launched brand-new noble lady gem wrist watch series, in order to express the respect to the honourable women worldwide. The lady watch series won high reputation when once introduced, deeply respected by horological connoisseurs and collectors. Its unique Mosaic technology and dazzing gem add glory for ladies.

In general, Audemars Piguet won the recognition and have a good reputation by its exquisite technology and elegant appearance. It deserves the honor of the world’s largest complex watch invention records brands.

Basic Knowledge of Watch Maintenance

For watches of famous brands, maintenance is the most important thing. Without proper maintenance, you will lose not only your watches, but also money. So, learning to take good care of your watches is the first step.

1. Basic knowledge of watch maintenance. How long a watch can endure depends on if the owner is using it properly and taking good care of it. For example, taking your watch into showers, ugly surfaces, not suitable watchband and bad using circumstances can all do damages to your watch and shorten its life span. Watches of medium-to-high grades should get maintained every two to three years. Their waterproof components should be changed and their timekeeping performance and cassette mechanism checked. The surface should also get cleaned and maintained. Proper maintenance can absolutely extend the life span.

2. Waterproof condition. A watch is waterproof for its waterproof cushion rubbers at the watch mirror and the back cap. Every waterproof watch is printed on the back cap the word water proof or water resistant. Watches without these words can only resist dust but not water. 3ATM watches are suitable for daily washing up and usages in the rain. 5ATM watches can be worn at swimming. 10ATM watches can be used for diving.

However, as the cushion rubbers grow older, its function will go worse. In this case they need to be changed regularly. As for quartz watches, their cushion rubbers have to be changed every time the batteries are changed.

No kind of waterproof watches is suitable for hot-water showers, sauna or conditions with sharp temperature changing. The cushion rubbers in the watches get contracted or expanded along with the temperature changes, which speeds up the aging of the rubbers and dose damages to the watches.

3. Watchbands. The most useful materials for watchbands are pottery and porcelain, metal, leather and nylon. Pottery and porcelain watchbands have the traits of endurable and graceful.

Watches are tokens of social status. Owning an expensive watch is far from enough. Taking good care of it shows your good taste.

Louis Vuitton Sunshine Monogram Denim Handbag 2010

Louis Vuitton, a name which women love and hate at the same time, always surprise its fans with fantastic handbags each season. The luxurious handbags from Louis Vuitton always appear in women’s dreams. If you want to know what fashion is, see Louis Vuitton handbags. If you want to know what style is, see Louis Vuitton handbags. If you want to know what taste is, see Louis Vuitton handbags!
Louis Vuitton handbags are attractive because of their fame as well as their unique designs at the same time. The Louis Vuitton Sunshine Monogram Denim Handbag 2010, for spring and summer’s carrying this year, is another eye-catching handbag from this top handbag brand.
Colors of Louis Vuitton Sunshine Monogram Denim Handbag
This latest Louis Vuitton handbag looks fresh with its two colors: rose and bleu. These two colors look refreshing and pleasant. This is a handbag that can remind us of our sweet childhood memories. Such special colors are suitable for spring and summer and they will sure bring you into a good mood!
Materials of Louis Vuitton Sunshine Monogram Denim Handbag
By seeing the first sight of this handbag, most people would consider the material as cloth. In fact, it is another leather handbag from Louis Vuitton. The whole design and the material of the handbag match perfectly. This makes the handbag looks marvelous!
Appearances of Louis Vuitton Sunshine Monogram Denim Handbag
This handbag looks chic from every aspect. It has an adjustable strap for cross-body or shoulder carry. What about the size of the handbag? It looks small. Well, the fact is that it is not a small handbag at all. 26.5cm x 26cm x 12cm (Lx HxD), this one is of medium size. It is enough to put all your necessities when you are carrying it outside.
If you are a Louis Vuitton handbag fan, you are sure to love this handbag. It looks perfect in summer with sweet wearing!

Timex Watches

Some name brand products have been around for many centuries, and the Timex company is no exception. The company has creating watches of excellence for many decades and has earned a firm recognition for their watches. The basic style of Timex watches has changed over the years to meet the different demands of the people who wear them. Currently, you can get various prominent and creative designs among the plethora of styles available in the market.
The styles that feature the perpetual calendar might be the perfect choice for those people who want a faithful watch for business purpose. These watches can also come equipped with timers that will emit a buzz as an alarm system unit. This is quite useful if you have to reach someplace on time or need to make a crucial business call. Leather is a quite durable material as it can withstand the rigors of lots of bumps while maintaining the same brilliant look, and these professional watches all come in designs that consist of a leather strap.
You can also get some varieties from Timex, and these fine watches are mainly devised for outdoor activities. Some are actually referred to as trail series watches and come complete with a fully functional compass. The styles that feature a digital thermometer with analogue display are perfect for those people who comsume a long period of time for outdoor activities. This particular style is available with the Indiglo feature, which allows the piece to glow in the dark with a press of a button.
If you are seeking for something chi to complete your look, you might also get some items manufactured to be eye dazzling in design. For women there are several styles with pink bands and pink watch faces. You can also sport some styles created from metal, gold or silver.

IWC Portuguese Manual ref. 5454 and DaVinci Chrono in Ceramic

I have no great expetation of IWC watches in 2010. Honestly, the IWC 2009 watch offerings were quite disappointing. Last Year¡¯s Lego Diver collection, vintage collection and the DaVinci were impressively horrible. I have to say, I have never discovered a model that could attract me since the great Ingenieur Ceramic. The very well-received Portuguese family has never grown me either. It seams that it has conquered the world, but has never worked me. N sure why. They just gave me a blend and boring impression. For me they just keep working on some details on the already estabilished models-Just like watch Rolex watches do.

However, I have a big surprise when browsing the new IWC Portuguse collection.It seams that IWC has put everything in the right place. And the whole collection looks quite refined with interesting yet exquisite details, which makes you can not help but take a second look. And the collection has a king, the Portuguese Manual ref. 5454, the outshines the rest.

The proportion of the watch, 44mm at diameter and 10mm thick, is perfect and elegant. The dial is very easy to read and looks much more delicate than previous models. And I have no regrets or complains about the overall finishing-it is definitely impeccable.And the price, nearly 6,000 €,
is not very crazy. Beating inside the watch is an reliable automatic movement of 8 days power reserve which I think is a welcome addition to the collection. I sure this model is going to be one of the must-have watch this year. And the watch

And I feel wordless before the DaVinci chrono in ceramic. IWC must go to a terribly wrong direction. It is the same boring as other DaVinci watches. Maybe you have your own saying about it. But me, I do not even want to say one more word for it.

The 150 th Anniversary of Tag Heuer

Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer celebrates its 150th anniversary making horological history at an invitation-only event in Basel, Switzerland, March 19, 2010.
To pay special homage to the gorgeous anniversary, TAG Heuer will team up with Tesla motors and unveil a prominent travelling roadshow that will showcase TAG Heuer’s finest timepieces of past, present and future in 15 cities, between March and October 2010.
Founded in Saint-Imier in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, TAG Heuer has set many major milestones of high-end watchmaking, especially in the field of chronographs and ultimate precision. TAG Heuer is the first watchmaker to master chronographs with an unsurpassed precision of 1/10th, 1/100th and 1/1,000th of a second. The 1974 Silverstone was the first automatic chronograph movement immediately recognizable by the rounded corners of the watch case inspired by the Silverstone race track – home of British Motorsport.
The evening also witnessed the unveil of a perfect timepiece ¨C the Grand Carrera Calibre 17 RS2 Chronograph. It is a 2010 concept watch that turns an immutable principle of mechanical watchmaking on its head ¨C it is the first movement without a hairspring. It would also come with the brand¡¯s first phone, Meridiist. French master craftsman Fred Pinel has designed the watch and is amazingly chic and sleek. The chest would be available for $20,000 and only 150 units of this would ever be launched. The limited edition chest has an aura of history and culture, and the glorious days of watch-making are relived. It has that aristocratic beauty which does not come always. So go ahead and get it for yourself, when you still can!
These days TAG Heuer is part of the LVMH luxury empire with celebrity spokesmodels like Leonardo DiCaprio and tennis champ Maria Sharapova, yet stays true to Edouard’s legacy.

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