Sophisticated and Durable – Richard Mille RM 028 Diver¡¯s Watch(308 words)

Founded earlier this century, Richard Mille is quite young in watch-making industry that has lots of iconic old brands. It breaks the rule ¡° older is better¡± and succeeds in making itself a respectable brand. The weapon Richard Mille uses to conquer the highly competitive watch world is their sophisticated watches of reliable performance.

The first generation Richard Mille watches are mainly inspired by car racing and aeronautic industry. And they are highly popular in today¡¯s market. However, Richard keeps moving before huge success. New to this brand is a excellent collection that means to get a share from the big cake of the diver watches.

The brand new Richard Mille RM 028 Diver¡¯s Watch is regarded the most attractive model of this collection.It is of sophisticated appearance, reliable movement and distinctive designs all in one.

Crafted from titanium that is light-weight and durable, the round case is 47mm at diameter and has been meticulously finished.The diver bezel, which is unidirectional rotatable, is an eye-catching part of the case. Fixed by 22 torque screws, the bezel highlights the starting 15 minutes in red color. The construction of the case also includes a display case back. And with a 300-meter water resistance, the watch is a great watch for professional diver.

The multi-layer skeletonized dial is another shining point of the watch. While display the time in a clear manner, it offers a breath-taking view of the movement that powers the watch. The main elements on the dial includes large over-sized and Arabic numerals that has been coated with luminous materials.

Beating inside is the watch is a high-end automatic movement that has been highly skeletonized and nicely finished. It simply provides the time and the date. The Richard Mille RM 028 Diver¡¯s Watch is matched with a black rubber strap. It bears an exclusively high price at $79,000.00.

A Little Thought About Corum Admirals Cup Chronograph 48 Grand Prix

In celebration of their long-time happy cooperation with the Okalys-Corum Team, Corum, the famed Swiss maker, has created a special Admiral¡¯s Cup Chronograph 48 Grand Prix watch. It is reported that, Corum will just make 25 pieces of this special limited edition watch.

The new Corum watch comes with a titanium case that is 48mm wide and 17mm thick. The dark dial with decent black and grey scheme is lightened up by bright orange SuperLuminova coating used on chronograph seconds hand, numerals and text. The convex sapphire crystal that enhances the reading of the dial is framed by a thick black rubber dodecagonal bezel. To ensure optimal reading in places of poor lighting, the hour and minute hands and the 12 pennants that serves as hour makers are also coated with luminous substance. To be harmonious with the dial color scheme, the black rubber strap also comes with orange stitching. However, the strap is fitted with a simple tang buckle in titanium rather than deployment clasp, thought the watch bears a high price tag at 10,200 CHF.

Beating inside the Admiral¡¯s Cup Chronograph 48 Grand Prix watch is the CO753 automatic movement which hi basically the highest-end, COSC-certified version version of the ETA 7753 ebauche. The only difference between these two movements is that the rotor of CO753 bears the Corum¡¯s logo.

It seems that it has been a common practice in Swiss watch industry that watch brands sell cheap base calibers under under their own trademarks and fetch high profits. I just wonder: if this practice can be seen as deceptive behavior? Most consumer just rush to buy luxury watches with good looking. They do not have the awareness that the true value of a high-end luxury watch lies in the movement.

So if being asked if I would open wallet for a watch like this new Corum, I will definitely say no. I will go for a IWC or Lange & Sohne with unique movement instead.

Advice on choosing high heels

In the film called Chungking Express directed by Wong Kar-wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro once cleaned Brigitte¡¯s shoes with his tie, saying ¡°The shoes of a beautiful woman should not be long and dusty.¡± The pair of white shoes looked as tired and pale as their owner under the camera of Wong Kar-wai.

Cinderella left her crystal shoes on the palace steps at midnight after the bell sang out the hour of midnight. And the shoes are as sparkling and flawless as their owner.

High heels are women¡¯s another faces, on which the mood¡¢temper and personality are written at great length. So how to choose a pair of high heels well-suited to us ourselves? And the following is a list of what I suggest.

1. If it is the first time for you to choose high heels, the best choice are the good quality ones made of soft leathers. By doing this can you adapt yourself to the high heels as quickly as you can and make your feet not too easy to get hurt. Moreover, never forget to put on a pair of stockings in order to reduce the friction between the skins around feet and the shoes.

2. 1-2 inch leather heels are more comfortable to wear than 3~4 inch thin heels for the office ladies whose work hours are fixed and over 8 hours each day. If you really can¡¯t resist the temptation of high heels, I suggest you choose a pair of leather shoes which fit perfectly in with the radian of your feet within the range of 2~3 inch lest the feet should hurt due to a long period of extrusion. The leather shoes should be chosen since leathers¡¯ springiness is much better than the one of artificial leathers.

3. The human body can be regarded as the combination of various geometric figures. And the heels of suitable thickness help tone and trim your legs. Therefore, the thickness of heels should be always proportionate to your stature and calf in order not to make shoes seem unduly conspicuous in the overall modeling. Women who have plump figures should not choose too thin heels, otherwise, it will give people a sense of barely holding on; and if a woman¡¯s body is skinny, it would be well to prevent her from wearing too thick heels, or a very uncoordinated feeling of heaviness would be brought forth.

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