Piaget Announces New York Theme Watches

Recently the illustrious watchmaker Piaget has pleasantly debuted an outstanding collection which is inspired from two of the most fantastic capitals of the world, including Paris and New York. With strong urban individuality and overwhelming feminine seductiveness, the Piaget Limelight watch is appealing to avid watch fans and pretentious watch connoisseurs who are seeking for mechanical complexity and aesthetic purity.
To demonstrate the intricacy and great charisama of New York, the talented desingners of Piaget have incorporated two American signature monuments into the watchmaking process, giving birth to a wonderful collection of jewelry and watches.
One of the most appealing timepieces paying special tribute to New York city is definitely the brand new Piaget New York Architecture theme. Magnificiently manufacturedd in 18 karat white gold and embellished with 273 meticulously cut splashing diamonds, the outstanding timepiece frames a trendy dial ornamented with 99 diamonds, shinning brightly as a star in the celestial land scape.
This gorgeous timepiece is powered by Piaget¡¯s faithful in-house manufactured Piaget 530P automatic movement. Mounted on an intricate black satin strap embellished with 18 karat white gold folding clasp with 24 brilliant diamonds, it will fit perfectly on any contemporary woman¡¯s wrist.
With core focus on bringing out the town¡¯s emblematic colors such as black and white, the watches come with a stand of discreet elegance.
Another noteworthy timepiece dedicated to New York city is the New York Couture theme. At a glance the glamorous timepiece accomodates a faithful Piaget 56P quartz movement, encasing in an 18 karat white gold case that frames an integrated cover set with 119 meticulously cut diamonds, which gives free access to admire the hidden dial, oranmented with 6-diamond hour markers, which majestically displays the time.

Fabulous Hats For People To Wear In winter

It is said that winter is the heaven of hats. Almost all people wear them, from months-old baby to the senior citizens. They are even essential accessories for young ladies in such a cold season. With these accessories, most people won’t feel cold. And they will look more stylish and fashionable with them.
Two hat styles are popular this winter. And a person who wears one kind of them will impress others. One style is regular. This style looks nice. And it is worn by most young people. Another style is irregular. This type is always chosen by people when they are doing outdoor activities. As we know, most clothes for winter’s wearing have dark colors. Therefore, it is important for a person to choose the one with a bright color. Whatever the style is, the one with the color white, beige, denim blue, red or black is the most fashionable and eye-catching for winter! It is very impressive and stylish! And there are different types for people to choose.
A wool cap will never go out of style. The one which is made of pure wool is better. A person who wears it can match it easily with sweaters, coats and jackets. It is said that a wool cap can fully reveal the wearer’s distinctive personality and temperament. Of course this is not the only advantage. In fact, it is also one of the warmest accessories in the market. A wool cap with a bright color like red, yellow, blue or purple is impressive. It is pretty cute for a girl to wear it with a white coat.
A fedora hat is more formal than a wool cap. It is suitable for a person to wear for formal occasions. A person who wears it for formal occasions can surely leave deep impression to others as it is elegant. A woman who wears it with formal dresses or clothes looks stylish and eye-catching. Yet this kind is not suitable for a person who does not have good body shape.
Different kinds of fashion hats are suitable for all girls to wear. They are made of fabric, velvet, corduroy etc. They are pretty and inexpensive. Most importantly, they are fashionable. There are different colors and styles for people to choose. Some of them are lovely with cartoon patterns. Some of them are elegant even without patterns. A person who wears such a stylish and fashionable hat is impressive!
In a word, if a person wants to be eye-catching in the cold winter, a good-looking hat is essential.

Love me,love my feet

When the autumn comes, leaves are falling and the weather becomes colder. We may have little trouble in choosing clothes in such a season, but how about our shoes? Especially for girls, a pair of good shoes is really necessary. Then how we should choose shoes? And what shoes girls should wear?  I will give you some advice.
Girls nowadays are more interested in things that are fashionable and comfortable, so shoes designed in a fashionable way are the most popular. There seems too many shoes in shoe markets or shoe stores, and they always attract girls’ eyeballs. At this time, girls can choose shoes according to your own interest and habit. Perhaps some girls like sport shoes because they are comfortable and convenient. While some other girls would like to choose high-heeled boots,because they look fashionable and wonderful.
In autumn, on one hand, the weather is a little colder, so girls can put their sandals away and a pair of sport shoes may be a good choice. There is a lot of sun in autumn, girls can get together to have a camping outside and sports shoes can bring them much convenience. On the other hand, there are always various autumn-clothing in many girls’ wardrobes. And what they need most may be a pair of boots that can match their clothes perfectly. After all, boots, high-heeled boots in particular, belong to a part of fashion and they can make girls feel confident and encouraged.
Girls have a large number of choices in choosing shoes in all seasons. In autumn, they can wear fashionable sports shoes as boys do. What’s more, they can also choose beautiful boots. In a word, girls are the happiest. They should believe in such a sentence “Because I like it, I choose it and it only belongs to me”.

Introduce You A Cell Phone For Your Father

Christmas is coming. Are you still worried about the gift to your father? Nowadays, more and more people send the cell phone to their father as a Christmas gift. And I think it so sweet and thoughtful. As we all know the cell phones are the practical tools for us to communicate with our father in our daily life. Also, with the development of technology, the beautiful design of cell phones meets the young people’s desire for fashion. And their Multi-use functions are convenient for consumers of all ages. Here, I’d like to introduce to you a suitable cell phone for your father.

Mobile phone S58 with SOS Key designed for the old
Not like the teenagers, the senior do not care much about the fashionable functions of the cell phones. As for them, they just hope that the little stuff is easy and convenient for them to use. Taking into account your father’s vision problem, this bar phone has only 12 super-big buttons. These not only help the senior call their children and friends easily, but also facilitate them with such clear and easy buttons. Big font, big speaker and big keys are just designed for the senior.

In addition,I appreciate the emergency-call key which is a SOS key on the back. Whenever your father meets the emergent problems, he can get help at once with such an important function. What’s more, the phone owns MP3 and true FM radio functions that can treat the old in their spare time. If you have no time to stay with your father, these functions are the best way for him to kill time. And we know that the senior must be careful when they are in dark, so this phone provides your father the flashlight which is conveniently operated.

It is so happy for your parents to receive such a thoughtful gift. And I think that your parents and you will have more time to communicate with each other with your gift. Absolutely, you will know each other better!

Jacob&Co, a young brand on the watch

Jacob&Co is a young brand on the watch, and it was founded at New York in 1981 by Jacob Arabo who grew up in Russia and showed great interest in jewelry at his early age. In the fact Jacob&Co was only a jewelry individual workshop to design and to make some jewelry brands for private customers specially at the beginning.

Among his customers, one was called Faith Evans who was an R&B singer in the middle of the 90s, and it was he that introduced Jacob to his musical friends, and then Jacob began to get attentions.

Inspired by the lifestyles of customers who needed to fly here and there all the time, Jacob decided to step into the timepiece industry, and then Five Time Zone watch was born at that time, the dial plate included four smaller dial plates to show the time at New York, Los Angles, Paris and Tokyo separately. All kinds of the matches in different colors and styles could satisfy different fashionable requirements of customers, and most of customers were musical people.

On April of 2003, Basel World Watch and Jewelry Show was held and it marked that Jacob&Co this brand began to step into the international market.

Though this brand was very young, it was very popular among many superstars, fashion people and millions of young boys, even Nigo of BAPE, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez and Beckham were faithful fans of Jacob &Co.

As long as you are famous and rich, you could order a Jacob&Co watch that only belongs to you, and then you will have a unique watch in this world.

In a world, Jacob&Co is a young brand on the watch, but it has become an international watch brand, and it has won more and more love from people depending on its special designs and styles.

I am sure that Jacob&Co will be more popular in the near future.

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