New Classical Prada Stripe Bags In 2011 Spring and Summer

In order to cater to Prada stripe clothes in 2011, there are some more new elements adding to Prada handbags in this spring, which are some bright and attractive different style stripes. Highly visual impact, not only because of the fashion colors, as far as I am concerned, if you wear plain colored clothes, then matching with such a bag will lighten the entire image. So it will become the very extra points.

It is sure that the bag is so simple in design and making. But the chic stripes which contain green, black and red are so creative.

The leather stripe Prada
This leather one is made of leather and the major color is black, matching with the creative green and white colored stripes, the square shape looks like so casual. It may be the best bag for you go shopping or hiking. Unlike other bags, the mouth of this stripe Prada bag is designed outside. It is so convenient for you to open. Besides, you can choose either style to carry it from the short and long handles. In my opinion, it is so practical.

The fabric Prada stripe clutch
The bright blue and white stripes give the clutch a mini and fashion look, no matter from the design or the making, it is quite simple. But the effect of the clutch is extremely distinct, especially matches with the bright color such as red and green.

The silk stripe Prada bag
My favorite one is this one, the black and orange stripes make the Prada bag so charming and eye-catching. There is no doubt; the special chain adds more elegant elements to it while the creative sculpture let the bag cuter. In addition to this, if you touch it, you will feel comfortable because of its silk material.


A Wonderful Bag Brand—Fendi

Fendi, bags, wonderful
Fendi is a famous brand of luxuries in Italy, a well-known family of leather bags at the beginning of its foundation, and the most famous product of Fendi is the Fendi Baguette handbags, which was designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi. In the year of 1965, for the joining of Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi gradually expanded its business to top rank of women clothes, perfume shoes and other fashion products.

Autumn and Winter Fashion Show of Fendi has presented us the splendid everlasting charming from 1950s to 2010: perfect blending of classic and modern, combination of trend and artistic.
No.1 antique bag
The earliest popular antique bag was originated in Europe, and you can see sale of antique bags in antique shops and flea market. These bags are made in accordance with popular trends in the 1950s, but they are still hot now among mature women. And in the fashion cities, such as Paris and London, you can find some antique bags in the wardrobe of young people.
No.2 classic embossing flowery cowhide bags
Fendi does not abandon classic style in any time, and this year, Fendi still issued another style of classic leather bag, which was made of cowhide leather, bearing embossing flowery patterns. The classic style, exquisite craftsmanship, and everlasting hues can attract eyes from all walks of people anywhere in the world.
No.3 fashionable handbags in simple style
This style handbag is majored in black, brown, and camel color, graceful and sedate, plain but stylish. Take a look at Fendi advertisement for this bag. Wearing wide leather coat and a pair of sunglasses, the model Anja Rubik is showing luxury and mature feminine completely with the Fendi bag on the hand casually.
And at last, you should keep in mind of the double F label of Fendi on the bags, and the thick and solid lines, or narrow and thin lines, plus patterns with rhythm feelings are frequent characteristics of Fendi handbags.

What Christmas Presents will You Choose to Different Groups Of People?

What Christmas Presents will You Choose to Different Groups Of People?
With the closing step of Christmas, although it is the period of small inflation, choosing a suitable present to donate is still a good way of showing your feelings at the festival occasion. But when the time really arrives, according to different groups of people, what Christmas presents to choose confuses us heavily. So I will recommend you several presents for different ages, on the basis of my own experiences.
To children about 4 to 11, toys are still the choice. To girls, a fashionable Barbie doll must be best. With the rapid development of current technology, Barbie today can speak, laugh and cry. She can be a good friend with your little girl. At the same time, many girls prefer to dress up the Barbie in the way they like. On the contrary, superman model, Classic cartoon model or car model will be better to boys.
Children in primary and secondary school, they begin to have their own life and lay on self-regularity life, it is also a stage when girls begin to pay attention to their appearance, so a watch, such as the one below, should be good. This one is popular in girls, its simple, generous and red design can not only attract the public eye but also fit girls’ apparel, show their youth and vitality. It’s round dial showcases colored hands and colorful dot hour markers are very striking, its case is set in metal alloy for strength and durability, its PV leather strap with buckle clasp offers all day comfort and security. And, to boys the same type of black or gray watch should be popular, .
For younger adults, from 20-year old to 28-year old, a fashionable chic handbag below, fits young ladies very much. Its bright color and generous design can not only attract men’s eye, but also be a necessity to compliment ladies’ outfit. Owing this kind of bags is also a good way to make their own fashion statement. It’s special with quilted detail at front and zipper around the border. Its single leather handle with buckle band detailing and double drawstrings detail at sides. There’re one zipper flat pocket and two cell phone pockets inside. Participating in social with this handbag, ladies can show their charm completely. For young men, leather bag as this one will be a good helper both in their daily routine work and leisure time.
If your friend is between 29 to 50, both men and women, sending an multi-function mobile phone as shown in age of rapid development of information will make your relationship more intimate. The atmosphere design of its appearance is the most attractive part, and also, its large touch-screen, user-friendly software design are the symbol of able and efficient. It also has many advantages, such as, 200-300minutes long talk time, supporting English, French, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Installable languages, expansion of TF card, supporting auto-function, 3G, and so on. The phone will be the best proof of your friendship.
And for those of retirement age or already retired people, a practical camera will be very useful. For this age, the focus of life has been changed from work to enjoy life, for instance, travel to places they wanted to before or enjoy the family fun at home. At this time, a camera will not only record the happy time but also show the happiness when you’re lonely. A camera shown as the picture has many functions. It has a strong playback ground of videos, images and recordings, uses as mobile, USB flash disk, competed SD/MMC card, self-timer function and highlight lamp for night shooting, supporting system as Windows 98/2000/ME/XP.
The last but not important group who are really old, the best present will be thermal underwear. Such as the picture show, the color should be red, it symbolizes warmth, make sure the clothes must be 100% cotton and loose, because, old men don’t like to be bound, it would be better if the clothes is thickening. When people are really old, they won’t have body as strong as before, people at the age maybe just like reading books in study or drinking tee on the couch, so, an appropriate set of thermal underwear can not only withstand cold, but also warm their hearts.


My Vision On The Watch

With the rapid development in the industry, many well-designed and qualified things are now within our reach. This phenomenon pulls all fields of society into the fierce competition. However, there are indeed various choices for the businessman to choose to make the profit. To me, the watch market is my affection.
Why I did so is because that watches are not just to tell us time, they are the emotional extensions of their owners.

First, the male-styled watch stands for young, carefree and cool. The female-styled watch means trendy, city and modern. The successful man regards the watch as the symbol of their status and wealth identification. The cute smart woman sees the watch as a token of their fashion and elegant decoration.

Second, watches represent time, and time represents the eternity. The lovers send watches to each other to express the wish that their love can be eternal as time goes by. The friends send watches to each other to hope that their relationship can last forever in any time. To the last, watches have the meaning of “all the time” Parents give the watch as a present to the children who leave the home far away is just tell them although they are apart for a long distance, they are indeed still together every time.

Soliders who have to have a long distance from the family for the work affairs, when they watch the watch,they will feel that they and the family members are living in the same time and having the similar happiness. In this sense, watch is not only the object, but also a feeling that bonds the people together.

From above analysis, I can draw a conclusion that the watch market is very promising and far-reaching. It’s never too late to involve yourself into it.

The Perfect Cocktail Dresses – Yellow Dresses

Cocktail dress is very popular among people. Of course, most third people would like to choose a little dress in black to show up. They believe that it is safe and no harmful for others if attending your party. In fact, red colored dress is another popular one; especially Valentine’s Day is coming. However, if you would like to build your own distinctive character, you’d better choose the yellow one.

Are you stunned to that? This is scarcely surprising since yellow color is the most popular color in the year of 2011. As you may recall at first, it is must be the one with low-back, low waist, V-neckline and the popular A-line dress. However, yellow is redefining itself to an entirely new stage after that, moreover, the year of 2011 warmly welcome yellow.

Yellow is a color which signifies brightness, sunshine, life, vitality and immense zeal. So who is not willing to wear yellow colored dress show up in the party? Here I would like to share some tips on how to choose the best yellow dresses for the cocktail party.

Neighborly Cocktail Party Dress
If you are familiar with the host very well and the party is held during the afternoon, you need to choose a cream yellow dress with a length of mid-thigh. Don’t wear the dress with too much shimmer and sparkles; especially the party is during a whole day. Please note that your dress needs to show gentle, amusing and funny rather than babyish. Choose a plain printed dress attending cocktail party or wear the best combination of lace and taffeta. A heart shaped neckline cocktail dress without strap can also accomplish wonders.

Notably, it is not good for wearing yellow color from top to toe. So you’d better avoid yellow jewelry or yellow shoes as well. Maybe you can choose the different black high heels.

Company’s Cocktail Party Dress
Perhaps many people feel a little anxious about yellow dress is too strong for a company’s party. Don’t be worried. You can choose a light yellow dress with a high waist which can increase your charm. And you can choose one with slightly glittery to join the party in the evening. Remember just a little glittery.

Red Carpet Cocktail Party Dress
Yellow is very popular in red carpet cocktail party. It makes you outstanding among the crowd. If you wear a yellow grand dress on red carpet is very perfect and deserves a lot of applause!

The Upkeep of Your Jewelry Needs to Know What

It is well-known that jewelry is quite valuable; therefore the owners should pay more attentions to the cares of jewelry and they should clean the jewelry regularly to keep its brilliant luster and intact. The tips are as follows:

1. When one is doing sports or doing the hard works, do not wear jewelry in case of the hit and damage. 
2. Do not lay all kinds of jewelry into one drawer or jewelry box, because the hardness of gems and metals are different. The constant friction will get jewelry damaged.
3. Every month check your jewelry which you wear frequently at least once. If there is any damage or the inlay get loose, fix them as soon as possible.

4. Be extremely careful when wearing gems or green gemstone, because gems are easily to get
5. Do not wear the gems with porosity in the steamy places. The gems will change colors after
absorbing steam or sweat, so will the other materials of jewelry. Therefore, the owner should clean the
jewelry weekly.
How to clean the jewelry?
Clean water: The simplest way is to use the gentle soapy water and soft brush. Only the clean water is
also okay. After washing, put the jewelry on the towel excluding cotton velvet and let air dry. Use non-
waxy floss or toothpick to get rid of the dirt which can’t easily get removed.
1. Do not use bleach cleanser. Chlorine is included in the bleach cleanser and it will cause some dints on the jewelry. The worse impact is the alloy resolves or the welded parts are eroded. As a result, when one goes swimming in the swimming pool, he should not wear jewelry, because the water in the swimming pool includes chlorine.
2. Washing the diamond with boiling water is accepted, but rather than some gems.

Keep your jewelry bright and clean as possible as you can and hope the above information gives you some help

A New Hotspot of Perfume in 2011—Frangrant Cream


These days, Estee Lauder launched an activity “elegantly amorous feelings for Christmas treasures” for the makeup they especially stressed; various aromatic salves gunned most women’s attention. Fans of Estee Lauder website increased rapidly.

 Admittedly, Estee Lauder never worries its overwhelming brand advantage. This time the leading fragrant cream shows its charm. Different with the perfume, the fragrant cream is still a little bit strange for Chinese customers, although many famous brands already have their fragrant creams. This time Estee Lauder thrust it into the limelight; we have to say this is a new sign for the fragrant cream in the gradually popular makeup field. Maybe the perfume is not the symbol of the high and mighty queen but the casually fashion girls.

Actually, the fragrant cream could be one of the earliest aromatic products. For Estee Lauder’s part, it launched its first fragrant cream in early 1967. Besides, Chanel, Yves Rocher and Benefit, all of them once launched fragrant creams. But compared with perfume, the fragrant cream is still niche product, especially for China which the perfume culture and market is in the primary stage. Fragrant cream even couldn’t be remembered in their minds. So the brands would better like to pay their attention to the sale of perfume rather than fragrant cream. But recently big men’s fashion trends are inclined to a new direction. Estee Lauder high-profile promotes the limited edition of fragrant cream in its website. The exquisite packaging is eye-catching of majority of women, which is as good as its star brand product series.

Exactly, the packaging is always one of the special charms of the fragrant cream. The businesses make great efforts on it. We can easily find the delicate flower modeling, sparkling diamond decorated on. To some extent, the craft of fragrant cream outlook is better than the perfume’s. The value of the craft is what the expensiveness is made of.

The followings is the special packaging of the Estee Lauder Fragrant Cream


5 Top Piaget High Class Jewelry Watches For Elegant Ladies

Jewelries are bright, brilliant, gorgeous, charming and they are ladies’ favorite and watch is a symbol of status and luxury. Then we can come to the conclusion that the integration of jewelry into watch will be a perfect embellishment and it will be an indispensable item for modern elegant ladies.


Top 1: Piaget Limelight Party Disco Ball

Piaget Limelight Party Disco Ball has won the best ladies jewelry watch grand prize. The shape of this timepiece is inspired by the most legendary 70’s era Disco mirror ball. The whole design looks like a hemisphere decorated with 114 face plate diamonds with a sapphire crystal mirror.

Top 2: Piaget Snowflakes Watch


By the connection 361 diamonds and 163 sapphires, this watch forms snowflake prints in different poses. This romantic design makes people experience the artistic conception of standing in an expanse of white snow.

Top 3: Piaget Limelight Love Letter Secret Watch

This pair of couples watch is inspired by mysterious and profound love and they deliver a passionate message of “Love You” through their ingenious and smart design. Once the timepieces are closed, they just show the floating word “Love” and “You” which are written in bright diamonds and little cute rubies at the corner. And when the letter covers are opened, the word “you” written in dazzling diamonds will come into your sight while the black dial displaying the time.

Top 4: Piaget Limelight Twice Top Jewelry Watch


This watch is decorated with white and yellow diamonds which are combined into the shape of leaves, bringing fabulous visual effect. When you open the white lid, the silver dial under it will show the time and the same with the yellow lid. It is so specially designed that it can be worn on double-sides.

Top 5: Piaget Limelight Heart Jewelry Watch

Piaget endows this watch with deep feminine charm and it gives out an irresistible temptation. It is heart-shaped to express the essence of love. Bright sparkling diamonds on the brims rekindles the romantic sentiment of lovers.

Smile and wealth

“Friendly disposition leads to wealth” is an ancient business motto. Treating people friendly in business and working, you will not only receive your customer’s relations, but also your colleague’s welcome.

We may notice this kind of things frequently: friendly person is very popular in company, while those who are cold to people, we all want to get away from her. On business, the same homogeneity and the same price’s commodity, some stores entertain a guest friendly, the patronage is continuous, and the business is very prosperous. However, some stores entertain a guest desolate, the customer is scarce, and the business is depression. Some customers would rather go round the sun to meet the moon to an outstanding service store than go to a nearby store which the service attitude is rather bad. Obviously, the smiling service and attitude is very important to store and working.

We often heard that heavy credit is the most important matter in business. For instance, someone goes shopping in corner far away and felt relieved that means that shop has the credit. While those nearby shopping but few customers are willing to go to. So those stores whose commodity is good and the price is also cheap, or those eating houses’ thing is the most delicious, this kind of shop makes one to spend likely the flower to feel relieved and glad, those shops which have the credit, certainly are the shops which can make money.

There are many stores and factories in the world; not only your store or company, however, which store or company the customer wants to choose is his freedom, so the business’ biggest topic is to cause the customer not to leave your shop. Everybody hoped that yours customers are getting more and more, but how to increase the number of customer go to your store? The secret is the visitors who passing by and you can make use of your power of sincere smile to draw the customers’ attention and buy your things diligently and no longer want to go to others.

The thing is good, the price is cheap, the sales clerk is affable, and then as long as your customer passed by your gate one time then they will forever become your customers. Your customers attract customers for you, then your business is prosperous, and your money is enough. People’s relationships are also like this. In many cases, people buy your services rather than your product itself, so we should remember: smile is the beginning of your wealth.

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