Quad Band Mobile Phone – The Best Gift For Dad

Christmas is coming! As the special and warming day coming, I would like to choose a meaningful gift for my dear dad. My dad is about 45 years old and he is always busy with his business. During the Christmas time, many shops online give discounts, and the prices attract many customers. I search on the Internet, and find out a kind of Quad Band Dual SIM Dual Standby Fm TV Mobile Phone. It is very suitable for the people who are doing business, especially for my dad.
The mobile phone is Quad Band, and it is a kind of bar phone. It just costs me USD$78.99 and I can save 7.82% if I buy it from the Internet. With a unique style and responsive touch screen, it has a large phone book, which can involve 500 contacts. This is one of the reasons why I choose this cell phone for my dad. The mobile phone also has the Bluetooth function; it will be convenient for dad to send some important messages or pictures to his customers. What’s more, the Bluetooth capabilities mean the cell phone is ready to use and be compatible to hands-free headsets and speakers. It can provide a safe way to have a talk while you are driving. In addition, the talk time of this cell phone is 3-4 hours. The talk time is very important for a business man to deal with his contracts, documents and some business issues. The phone is only 0.11kilograms and it is liable to carry around.
Besides, the most attracting point for me to choose this phone is the function Dual SIM Dual Standby. Because my father has two SIM cards, one is for business, the other for family. It is not convenient for him to have two cell phones to do with his business and family. So with this function, it allows him to change two SIM cards or two different numbers easily without taking out of the card.
Furthermore, the mobile phone also provides other functions, such as multiple languages, E-book format, FM radio, 640×480 camera, Java technology, etc. WIFI is supported; you can check your email in any time.
No matter for the price, the functions, or the feature of the mobile phone, I think it is suitable for my dad’s character. I will choose it as the Christmas gift for my dad, I hope he will like it and it will be benefit for his business.

Men Wear Belts More Or Women Wear Belts More?

Almost everybody is familiar with belts. Maybe you have a few belts in your wardrobe. To me, belts are very important. I have three different kinds of belts. I will wear different belts on different occasions.
To gentlemen, belt is a necessary item in their life. Good clothes matched with good belt will show gentlemen’s temperament. They will seem more respectable. It’s no exaggeration saying, if a gentleman wants to be charming, he must own a tasty belt. To some extent, details are more important than anything else. Gentlemen are well aware of that and they pay more attention to the details of their ordinary clothes. Of course, belt is essential. The detail of one’s clothes is very important and it shows one’s taste os life. As a result, it’s definite that every gentleman has at least one gorgeous belt.
However, compared to gentlemen, belt to girls is more like a decoration. It is not only a tool but also a decoration. Girls like to make every part of their body charming and fashionable. No matter how they dress up they will never forget delicate belts. Girl’s waist is the most charming part of their body. The gorgeous waist should be matched with a gorgeous belt. Then, girls’ charms are all showed off. Sometimes girls wear belts just to stop their waists going fat. To some extent, belts are indeed working. Girls like to collect many kinds of belts. Different belts should be matched with different clothes. Then they will be more fashionable.
No matter to boys or to girls, belts are of vital importance. You just can’t say that men wear belts more or women do. Most of the people are wearing belts. Although belts are small but they can’t be ignored. People prefer fashionable and functional belts. Girls care more about the style but gentlemen care more about the quality. To gentlemen, easy and practical belts would be the first choices. On the contrast, women love the delicate and fashionable and colourful belts. They don’t pay more attention to the quality. I believe that the belt is everybody’s choice, no matter man or woman.

CHAUMET Top Jewelry in 2011

The founder of CHAUMET Marie-Etienne Nitot related the dazzling jewelry with Napoleon’s my in a promising vision, he consecrated jewelry to French emperor and became the appointed royal jewelry manufacturer. And that was great successful beginning of CHAUMET with glory from Napoleon.

And he mainly designed some imperial crowns and swords to the royal. After his brother succeeded it, CHAUMET jewelry attracted many European royal members so that the nobles worn various jewelry, such as diamonds, ruby and pearl accessories. So, the shapes of jewelry are also designed innovatively, such as heart shape, ivy leaves shape and violet shape.

CHAUMET jewelry obtains surprising creativity out of its endless imagination and loyalty to tradition of top custom jewelry. Platinum watch of Lune de miel is inlaid diamonds on the outer of watchband, and dial is made by black pearl. Watchband is matched with black silk belt. The needles are made into a butterfly style.

CHAUMET jewelry inherits stress on delicate details and elegant lines favored in centuries. And it explains from the nature to make nice jewelry. It grasps the wonderful moments of nature and adopts them into jewelry manufacture, such as dew dropping on the leave, soft rime in the morning and crystallizes in the winter.

Dentelle de givre diamond necklace is made into a soft rime style with overlapping five diamonds layers. The style earring is in two styles. One is charming ice crystallize shape, and the other one is water-drop shape. Ice crystallize ring is made by dropping diamonds in three lines just like crystal tassel.

Bee is brand symbolization of CHAUMET. In the new nature jewelry series, bee also plays an important role. The lithe and graceful dance of bee is applied into jewelry designs. No matter they are bees’ wings or feelers, the delicate gemstones can be deduced bees’ lifelikeness.

In February 19 of 2011, CHAUMET released Lune de Miel honeymoon series jewelry in Taipei. And that is the first time that CHAUMET held top jewelry show in China and introduced French royal and sweet honeymoon theme.

Platinum and diamond necklace, earring and ring of Lune de Miel are inlaid yellow sapphire and garnet that make a colorful and gorgeous effect. Gold and pearl jewelry of Lune de Miel is inlaid diamonds, orange and yellow aspphires.

The delicate wristwatch is made by 18k gold. Circle and ear of watch are inlaid round incised gemstones. Watchband is made by lizard skin in honey color and it is automatic to wind up.

Three Fashionable Elements for This Spring

Are you crazy about fashion? Do you have your unique dress style? What do you think will be the hottest trend this year? Perhaps you have noticed that striped tee is very popular in this year’s spring. But do you know what other fashionable elements are? Fashion is always changing, so your taste for clothing style also needs changing. I will teach you how to become a trendsetter. There are four fashionable elements that you can incorporate them into your personalized apparel.

1.Graceful White Color
New York’s most sought-after celebrity Alexander Wang exposed a twinkling show which composes of white clothes in 2011 Spring/Summer Fashion Show. Thus, white color has become a hottest element. And total white is the most stylish one. White jackets, white shirts, white trousers and white chiffons all can match others excellently. Shell fabric in translucent white color with distinct outline can add air permeability to garments. If you don’t want to get your clothes to look a bit harder, you can make use of a girdle or a pair of shoes where some parts are designed in brilliant color to break the chain of white color effects.

2. Geometric Prints
Geometric pattern and retro prints, together with dots and stripes, are quite popular with youngsters. This kind of element was all the rage as early as in the 1960s and was designed elaborately by stylists to show a kind of gorgeous passion and visual aesthetics. People will instantly experience a visual feeling that all the flowers are in blossom.

3. Sexy Hollow-out Design
Chanel 2011 Spring/Summer Show has seen that Reja made her appearance in a classic hollow-out dress which surprised us quite a lot. This king of design predicted that sexy hollow-out sexy will be prevailing in this spring. Hollow-out dress can be released in show stage, so it can also fit street hipsters. Such design gives a perfect explanation of two feelings: mature feeling and youthful feeling.

As long as you are willing to try such a kind of apparel, you must present a flattering look!

Hello Kitty x Vans Sneakers

Hello Kitty, being a universally popularized cartoon character, has always enjoyed great attentions among its fans. Since Hello Kitty was born, a rich array of related commercial stuffs and fashion accessories emerge like Hello Kitty jewelry box, Hello Kitty nail designs and Hello Kitty bags. And now, Hello Kitty sneakers are born.

The global brand has joined forces with Vans to bring fresh look of Hello Kitty image for both fans all over the world. Nowadays, cooperation between top brands are not rarely, and customers especially fans of both brands will have great profits from such collaborations. So it is possible to imagine that this teamwork will bring large popularity for both companies among the youth for both products are favored by youngsters.

The common thing both products share is that their designs show great passion, energy and fun. Hello Kitty is always a cute, feminine symbol though it is 35 years now.

And this time, Kitty will be shown in 3 different designs on Vans limited edition line. It is easy to imagine how attention-grabbing you will be wearing such lovely sneakers.

Hello Kitty & Vans low top sneakers

How lovely they are! I fall in love this design in my first sight!

Hello Kitty & Vans checkered pattern sneakers

Checkered pattern one, do you love such style coming into red, black and red.

Hello Kitty & Vans high top sneakers

If you like high top style, try this one. Unlike low top design, they are designed with black laces to build sharp contrast.

Are you ready to prepare to make a fashion statement with those adorable shoes?

Start Your Beauty from “Head”

For women, hairstyle is an important element when they start to go to work. Here I will show you a method to be an office lady.

Step 1:


Look at the picture, firstly use the hair drier to blow the hair from its foot. You can use your fingers to apart the hair in order to blow easily.

Step 2:


Use the hair drier to blow the hair as your fingers go. After blow-dry the hair, you can use your fingers to smooth the hair forward and downward.

Step 3:


Use clips to divide the hair into six parts, fasten two parts of them. This will make the whole hair looks like six parts but in fact it is eight parts.

Step 4:


Use hair drier and comb to blow- dry the hair. You can use the comb to comb the Hair while using the hair drier to blow the hair.

Step 5:


Blow-dry the hair and use four curls to toll up the hair, the two curls on the top of the head should be put backward, the left and right sides should be put in left and right.



Looking at the hair from left side, divide the rest hair which never is curls into four parts, like the picture, use clips to divide the hair into four parts.



Use hair curling iron to curl the hair that close to your cheek.



Remove the curls, then use the cold air to blow the hair from top to the bottom.



Spread some hair oil in the middle of the hair and also the bottom of the hair in order to looks glossy.

Step 10:


Spread some pomade on the ends of the hair in order to make the bang into two sides.

Finally, you can spurt hair spray to fix the hair around your face to make your hair feel strong.

Quad Band N97 Slide Phone-Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Father

It’s time to prepare nice Christmas gifts for your dear families and friends, now. Maybe you have already got fantastic ideas about what to prepare for your dear lover and intimate friends, as you know quite well about their interests and desire. However, you may be not sure about what to prepare for your dear father, to whom you really want to convey your filial sentiments and appreciation. You maybe at a loss while facing all kinds of commodities.
Actually, a cell phone will be an optimum choice in your case. A fashion cell phone with multi-functions absolutely brings your father a convenient and colorful life. You can connect him and show your care no matter where he is through the cell phone. Among all cell phones on the market, a Quad Band N97 Slide Phone will be your best choice!
To begin with, N97 have strong multi-entertainment functions. Aside from basic call and message function, N97 has all entertainment functions that are enough to fulfill your father’s daily life. He is free to listen to nice music, watch ultra clear videos and favorite TV shows, read E-books and take beautiful pictures all by using such a great phone. High-quality display screen guarantees perfect picture and video quality. Moreover, N97 allows him to enjoy free high-speed wireless Internet access in the fun.
Secondly, N97 has a fashion and classic appearance design that will never be out of date. Slim shape, classic black or white surface together with highlight silver side lines creates an elegant and delicate overall look. Fashion slide design of the phone adds more beauty to itself, too.
Thirdly, N97 is of user-friendly design. You can operate it either through the latest wide touch screen by touching virtual buttons with your fingers slightly, or through the qwerty full keyboard in a traditional way. Use what you are used to. Your father will definitely be satisfied with such friendly design. He will not feel it hard to use and operate.
All in all, N97 will be the best choice as Christmas gift for your father. Just get a brand new one and send this surprise to him on Christmas Day! He will definitely be happy!

Various Types of Shoes for Girls

As a good mother, if you would like to find the best shoes for your daughter, you should choose different designs of shoes for your little girls. There are a variety of styles as well as colors for girls’ shoes like women’s shoes or men’s shoes. Thus, there are comfortable for all small girls. If your little girl looks fashionable after wearing these shoes, she will be more confident.

The dress shoes are versatile. Your little girl can wear them to attend any type of parties. She can wear them at some special occasions such as birthday parties, funfairs and school parties and so forth. These shoes are coming in both low and high heels types. You can also get various designs for your little girls. These shoes have floral prints along with cuts around toe as well as flexible straps around ankle.

There are a lot of ballet shoes are available in the market as well. All of these shoes are made of leather and rubber. Padded shoes always offer a very comfortable feeling along with their suede soles often provide great flexibility. A lot of shoes for girls have the elastic straps which can help to make the feet cozier. There is a size range from 0 to 14 available for girls’ shoes. This means that these shoes can suit the foot size of little girls who are three to ten years old.

There are various colors of sandals for girls, such as green, orange, pink and yellow. Generally, these sandals attract most girls. And these sandals have light weight and rubber soles.

Enjoy the pleasure of choosing a pair of right shoes to your little girl.

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