Rose Enchantment in Perfume

With the spring’s gentle wind and the tender grass, the young always create affective tone for themselves. Flower is blooming. They favor the simple life style that “small garden incense Drive independence around (from a Chinese poem).” Nothing is so pleased as to appreciate the various flowers at this moment.

Today, I want to talk something about rose. Rose, the queen of the flower, symbolizes woman, romance and love. It continually presents in these wonderful occasions, professions, marriage, and affairs. In the same satiation, in the modern perfumes, rose also plays an exceedingly important role. That is the most used fragrance. Rose almost exists in 80% perfumes. However, although rose is most used in perfume, other fragrances are more important than it. Only a small part of perfumes give off the really pure rose scent.
Before the Arabs decorate diamond on the perfume bottles, there’s a perfume being said the most expensive one in the world. That is “Joy” by Jean Patou. It is regarded as the representative of women’s taste. This perfume is only a gift that designer Jean Patou sent to the American VIP customers who don’t come any more after the great depression in 30s at the begging. But for high quality of its fragrance and splendid and elegant rose odor, this perfume finally becomes the legend of the history.

There’s another brand that is renowned in the last century 30s with Joy at the same time. It trumpets its name with five perfumes when first launched in the market. That is famous Lancome. That is branded with rose which delicate and sweet scent almost soaks into the whole perfume. The early launched Magie, Tresor which just had its 20th birthday, and the Mille et une rose are all the famous ones. If you feel the above rose perfume are more suitable for mature women, we have the younger and more modern rose perfume “Stella” created by the designer Stella McCartney. Once launched, that is famous and popular among tens of millions of girls.

Kelly Caleche from Hermes is more like leather with the rose perfume spraying. That is very suitable for the office lady. The Italian jewelry family Bvlgari’s rose perfume “Rose Essentielle” uses jasmine and acacia just to accebtuate Ottaman rose’s brightness. That is suitable for office lady for day and night.

Rose perfume is not only women’s prerogative. The men’s perfume also includes rose, but that is used as the crowning touch. Rose D’Homme from La Parfums de Rosine is one of them.

MOTO Droid Bionic Brings You Into A 4G World

MOTO Droid Bionic Brings You Into a 4G World

Droid Bionic by Motorola was first introduced at the CES 2011 & the world’s largest consumer technology trade show. According to the survey, many consumers gave positive feedbacks and favor it a lot since itsappearance. Large amount of consumers conveyed even can’t wait to possess it, and experience the wonderful 4G world.

Motorola’s second Android device, the DROID, comes hot on the heels of the CLIQ before it — but it’s a very different beast. The DROID sets several important Android firsts, packing a high-powered OMAP3 core, massive 854 x 480 display, and a heavily reworked version of the platform dubbed 2.0 while leaving Motorola’s custom social networking platform, MOTOBLUR, out of the equation. In the US, it has become one of Verizon’s very first Android devices — and it’ll see duty internationally as the MILESTONE.

DROID BIONIC’s popularity results from its all-around superior performance.

Outstanding appearanceIt’s very social, with straight board design, a front-facing web cam and a rear-facing 8 MP camera on large 4.3-inch, qHD (960 & times; 540 pixel) quality display which will undoubtedly bring customers an unexpected visual enjoyment. 3D graphics techniques highlighted in CES 2011 will fully display in this product as well.

Perfect configurationWith 512MB RAM and a dual-core processor allows you to experience 4-G like power and speeds much faster than typical 3G. This is just what attracts customers most. However, compared with Atrix 4G by Motorola, it can provide better 3D performance and recording and playback HD video function. Droid Bionic also can be linked to LCD TV by HDMI, so HD movies and videos in your cell phone can be played on bigger screen as well. Furthermore, the front-facing web makes vedio call together with teleconference by your cell phone become reality, and the picture will be more fluent. What’s more? Gamers must be crazy about the fast loading and the crystal clear game.

Long standby timeConsidering so many wonderful functions, you may be worried about the standby time of Droid Bionic. It’s totally unnecessary for you to do so. Unlike other 3G cell phones, the integrated processors in Droid Bionic enable its every part works in coordination with low energy consumption, therefore you won’t be bothered by charging your cell phone frequently. Droid Bionic will accompany you anytime and anywhere, just like your sincere friend. MOTO Droid Bionic brings you into a 4G world, with Droid Bionic’s outstanding appearance, perfect configuration, superior performence and long standby time. MOTO Droid Bionic will for sure open up a new age, and possession of it will also be your wise choice. So let’s have it, let’s experience the 4G life and enjoy the modern technology.

Balenciaga Handbag Improves Your Temperament

Every single female, nowadays, pays more and more attention to their appearance, such as the clothes they wear, the bags they carry and something like that.

However, when it comes to the bags which include shoulder bags, shoulders bags, handbags and so on, almost every female would like to own one, especially a bag with world famous brand. There are many internationally-known bag brands, such as Chanel, Gucci, Coach, Balenciaga.

Today, what I want to introduce to you is several types of Balenciaga handbags which are suitable for different people as well as different occasions.

The first type is designed for those fashionable females who love to pursue personality, fashion, take part in many parties, go window-shopping and even travel. Judging from the appearance of this type of Balenciaga handbag, it has two belts that are used to be carried by hands and by shoulder, which cater for fashionable females’tastes. In addition, this handbag is big enough and has many different kinds of bright colours and exquisite design style, which is loved by those females badly.

The second type that I want to introduce to you is often chosen by business women. Let us see this style in details. The classic black comes first, which gives people a sense of formal, mature, noble as well as elegant. Therefore, many business women prefer to choose the classic black. Meanwhile, the concise but exquisite shape without many extra decorations also makes people fell quite officially. What is more, this type is big enough for business women to carry some important documents and contracts. In addition, this kind of handbag is also fitted for many formal occasions, such as business party, negotiation as well as meeting.

Office lady, generally speaking, would like to choose the third type. Why? Different from fashionable female and business women, office lady loves a bag that, to a great extent, can embody her elegant and gracious temperament. Then, the handbag should be in bright colour but concise design style that will give people a feeling of formality.

According to Balenciaga tradition, every bag needs to express the temperament of every female. Above three types that I have mentioned are fitted for different women who have different occupations and are in different occasions. You can also choose one for yourself in line with your own situation.

New Fashionable Wedding Veil—Paris Spring

With more and more fashionable elements being into modern life, the wedding veil has also been in a trend of fashion. Every year, Paris Spring will create and promote a series of unique wedding veils so as to meet the fashionable needs.

In 2010, Paris Spring was devoted to the wedding veils’ unique designs that had absorbed into a few of fashionable elements. So, Paris reveals these popular wedding veils at the beginning of 2011.

The wedding ceremony is one of the most important and meaningful happiness.

So every person would like to invest their attention to the wedding veil, especial the brides look forward to a unique and beautiful wedding veil that could express their beauty.

Paris  Spring  has shown four popular fashion elements in wedding veils—feather, lotus leaves style, solid flower and diamond decoration.


solid flower

feather wedding veil

lotus leaves wedding veil

diamond wedding veil

The overall trend of wedding veil is elegance with comparison of traditional wedding veil. So everyone  would like to invest their attention to the wedding veil, especial the brides look forward to a unique and beautiful wedding veil that could express their beauty. Romance atmosphere reflects from the swing lotus leaves style but not these complex decorations. The swing leaves give the feeling of dynamic as if it were stuffed by air. At the same time, wedding veils are made from high-grade silk so as to show clear solid lines to a certain degree.

Besides, the fish tail dresses show the S curve line as much as possible. While the new improved styles shrink from buttocks and lower hem unfold gradually from legs that not affect walking, the style reflects slender.

Welcome to Paris’s Spring with your novel ideas.

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses 2011

“Vera is the name in bridal. I mean, how many stars do you have, or famous people, who want Vera Wang to design their wedding dress? You look at our customer who’s mainstream America, and how many of these woman would say, ‘Geez, I’d do anything to have a Vera Wang gown? That’s the whole premise with Vera: She is the queen. For us, it’s going to further validate the value of what we give our consumer.” Robert Huth, president and chief executive of David’s Bridal said like that.

So just think about how many girls are eager to own a splendid wedding gown designed by Vera Wang on their big day. I am really fond of her creative designs and I am longing to have one wedding dress designed by her someday.

Wedding dress designers should lay more stress to present the feminine beauty and softness as well as the gentle memory through their designs. In 2011, Vera Wang wedding dresses do well in these aspects by adopting sash and bow appropriately. These embellishments would make you more beautiful and noble.


Vera Wang wedding dress is the most popular wedding design

Featuring simple designs and cutting, Vera Wang wedding dresses 2011 achieve many girls’ love. Also, with the embroidery and some handmade knitted decorations, this wedding dress series stand out among all wedding dress collections.

Longing for the Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph Eco-friendly Limited Edition

Though dazzling watches of luxurious brands such as Rolex, Omega, Chopard, Cartier etc. are offered in the top luxury timepieces market, I have eyes only for those Breitling. I appreciate all pieces of high-end technological Breitling chronographs. And the Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph collection is especially meeting to my tastes. Either the SuperOcean Heritage 46 or the smaller SuperOcean Heritage 38, have I been dying to add them in my Breitling watches collection.

I feel so good to be bad that I find a new member launched to the Superocean Heritage Chronograph series, but sad to recognize that it is a Breitling Limited Edition which always beyond my reach. Yes, I’m talking about the Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph eco-friendly Limited Edition, you must have heard it if you are also a faithful Breitling craze.

This new arrival, based over a former model created in 1960, has blended the traditional design with the modern high class technology index perfectly to offer the world a fabulous visual enjoyment and brand experience. Only 1000 pieces of limited editions are manufactured by Breitling house. Ordinarily, it is very difficult to gain such a limited edition Breitling watch because there are so many watches specialists, celebrities, and stars and also many other wealthy persons fix in advance many years ago.

Stunning stainless metal, eco-friendly crown, calendar window, whitened markers at each and every 15 minutes, all exhibit the extremely elegance, gorgeousness and luxury to a great extend. No wonder that every addict have his or her eyeballs grasped by the distinctive and exquisite metal mesh bracelet. Measuring of 46 mm in diameter and 16.4 mm thick, this eye-catching item weight as many as 147.4 grams. No excuse for me to refuse it if I have the financial capability to afford this Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronograph eco-friendly Limited Edition.

You Deserve an Elegant Companion

Here comes the hot season! Are you well prepared to be the most attractive beauty? GUCCI will give you the chance.
‘SUKEY’ Handbag of Elegant and Fashionable Design

Nowadays lattice wins warm praise from fashionable customers. So many people are attracted by its quietly elegant diamond patterns, which endow vitality to this handbag. Meanwhile the off-white leather combining with the patterns perfectly, presents a kind of kingly image. Now pay attention to its ornament, which is the symbol of GUCCI. It will be difficult for you to be ignored with such living Gs! Do not be reluctant, just imagine that you are walking through commercial buildings with it, dressed in beautiful skirt, all the scenes of this summer will be inferior to you!
The Magnificent and Luxuriant ‘MALIKA’ Evening Bag

When this black purse is presented to you, what kind of words can you call to mind to describe it? All I can say is just ‘kingly’, because its style draws all my attention. I can hardly do other things but marvel at it! The butterfly-like design incorporates the nobleness and fashion naturally. The black satin with gold color leather will show the active and decent disposition of the user. What’s more, the antique gold hardware is also an outstanding idea. Every portion is deftly designed, every fastener or every bead is finely processed. If an evening party will be held, the woman who possesses it will be the ‘queen’ all the night!

There are also other variations in different colours, such as dark brown, gold color, purple, and orange. All of them are similar in design but unique in style. So make your own choice now, to be the noblest lady of your evening party!
Bags are the best pets of women’s, they are the reflection of your social image. No more hesitation, choose GUCCI bag as your chummy companion, because you deserve it.




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