Origin, Developments and Celebrity Taste of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches have the minute hand, second hand and the hour hand. They show, in addition to time, the day and current date.

Origin of Rolex watches
Rolex SA is a Swiss manufacturer of high quality and luxury wristwatches. Rolex watches are regarded as the status symbol.
Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand that produces about 2000 watches per day with revenue of approximately US $ 3 billion.
Developments in the Rolex watch industry
Rolex has moved from manual operations to system driven operation modes.
Automatic movements
This watch was produced in 1928 and it was powered by internal mechanism that used the movement of wearer’s arm.
Quartz movements
This type of watch came out in late 1960s and early 1970s. In fact, Rolex took part in the initial development of quartz watches.
Water resistant cases
Rolex was the first watch company to create a wristwatch that was water resistant to 100m or 330 ft.
Rolex Watch Company produced models suitable for the extremes of deep sea diving, mountain climbing and aviation.

Certified chronometers
Rolex stands as the largest manufacturer of the Swiss made certified chronometers.
Models of Rolex watches
It has 3 watch lines which include;
Oyster Perpetual
The celline line of watches is Rolex’s line dressy watches.

Celline models
• Quartz ladies
• Quartz men
• Cellinium
• Castello ladies
• Castello men
• Danass men
• Prince
Modern models
Date just


Pricing of Rolex watches
Rolex watches vary in prices basing on model and materials used but they are generally expensive.
Achievements of Rolex watches
Rolex is the official timekeeper of Wimbledon and Australian open tennis grand shows.
Tensing norgay and other members of the Hillary expedition wore rolex oysters in 1953 at an altitude of 8848 on Mt. Everest.
Murder investigation
The Rolex watch on Ronald Platt’s wrist eventually led to the arrest of his murderer because of tracking of the repair records of the watch.
It had a serial number and was engraved with special markings every time it was serviced.
Counterfeits in Rolex watches
Rolex watches are frequently counterfeited due to their fame. it is difficult to differentiate a real or fake Rolex watch.

Celebrities and wristwatches
We all love to see what celebrities wear and how they behave. the following celebrities are frequent users of Rolex watches.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
jay z
Silvio Berlusconi- the price of his watch is $540000
Bill Clinton
Leornado Di Caprio
Russia’s president Vladimir Putin
Yuri Luzhko, Moscows’s Mayor
Roman Abramovich, Chelsea FC owner
Britney Spears
Victoria Beckham.

New Trends of Ladies Watches

Fashion trends change all the time and recent fashion trend influences the designs of ladies watches and leads to the productions of a wide range of seductive ladies timepieces which carry additional features over those basic features. Contemporary watches are designed not only for the purpose that the watches originally intended for, but also for the other purpose to which the adornment, beauty, elegance and poshness attach. Watches for ladies are not only being made as timekeepers, they come with different faces which are in line with what women wear. For example, watch colors nowadays can be put according to their clothes. Many companies create watches with changeable bands. Each piece comes with more than one watch bands which enable users to choose in terms of color tones of clothes and personal preference. This is one of new trends of ladies watches.

The second new trend of women watches is t that they are made in styles that deviate from earlier trends. Earlier watches were made mainly from plastic and in casual styles. This older designs are considered to be too casual to wear on some special occasions. In addition, modern ladies watches are made according to buyers’ other needs for they would use them to match their bracelet, bangles or rings.

Besides, new designs of women watches come in renovative finishes. Shapes of watches are great factors that affect buyers’ decisions. Women care about appearances of watches more than men do. So ladies watches are presented in trendier designs. You will discover that more emphasis is put into details and materials. The watches look more prestigious and conspicuous by adding precious gems, diamonds, pearls and ceramic. Materials that are used to built these women watches are the new consideration. Those expensive materials like gold and diamonds make the watches luxury pieces. They are costly without doubt, but women love stunning and attractive look.

Another latest trend of women watches is that they are constructed with more masculine vibes. Newest designs are made with larger faces. Usually, women watches come with mini faces which have feminine styles. The latest designs look really cool. If you do not like larger faces, watches with stone decorations which look elegant and feminine can be your choices.

How to Sport a Phony Hermes Bag

Hermes Birkin totes are type of manufactured purses created by the actual towering leather-based goods producer Hermes. These totes are called after well-known British celebrity & singer known as Jane Birkin who had been a long time dweller associated with France.

It’s famously pointed out in a fascinating incident almost 30 years ago that led to the delivery of this type of handbags. It is stated that Her Birkin was once soaring on an airplane and all of a sudden at some point of time, the woman’s bag dropped and the items in it leaking out.

A few quick guidelines to help you avoid the phony Birkin or even Kelly Hermes tote. Utilize these pointers to protect yourself from all the actual counterfeit products floating around the actual viral industry.

Engraved crucial Accompanying the Birkin bag or perhaps a Hermes Kelly ought to be an etched set of locking mechanism and secrets. Underneath the locking mechanism, or at the base, the word “Hermes” ought to be etched in to the lock. The amount of the locking mechanism should be additionally etched to the matching secrets, and the secrets and the locking mechanism should have exactly the same corresponding quantity. Beware of any kind of lock as well as key models where the amounts do not complement.

On occasion the buyer might stumble throughout some more mature, vintage totes that also possess the “Hermes’ logo imprinted onto the change side from the lock. Any kind of contemporary Hermes locking mechanism, however, ought to only have the emblem stamped to the bottom from the lock. A few fakes might utilize info drawn from a classic bag as well as mistakenly place the stamp about the back from the lock too. The locking mechanism and secrets, and all related hardware connected to the bag ought to be palladium, or a Twenty-four carat precious metal plate. Numerous counterfeiters when production the bogus handbags uses common metal.

Label/Logo: Another typical mistake through the counterfeiters in with regards to the content label. Often times, metallic plate, or even metal content label backing is going to be fastened towards the interior from the bag, like the way the Fendi bag displays its content label. However, Hermes won’t ever utilize any kind of metal logo design backing or even nameplate in the inside of the purse. Any steel label anyplace inside the tote is a main red flag. Rather, specific as well as detailed number of embossed represents is utilized in their handbags.

Leather-based accents: The actual leather squat pull or even pull remove should be horizontally to the freezer. This leather-based strip also needs to have the title “Hermes” embossed or even stamped onto it. Good luck as well as safe buying!



Celine Handbags – Spotless Vogue Accessories

Celine, a well-known name in the fashion world, is a reliable fashion brand in France and even all over the world. However, in fact, it was initially a children’s clothing brand and then it turned to design fashion spots wear which then made a splash in the fashion field at once. Celine is really worth appreciating as it never fails buyers due to their complicated designs and their trustworthy quality.

Surely, like many other fashion brands, Celine Company does not only offer costumes or shoes but they also provide buyers a wide range of vogue accessories such as handbags, hand watches, perfume, sunglasses and so on. In a word, it specializes in producing all kinds of fashion items. Among these offerings, Celine handbags attract me most. Why so? Please read this article on and then you will find the answer.

The creator of Celine, Celine Vipiana, was an outstanding stylist excelling in designing leather wares. Therefore, she made her fortune by right of leather items. She devoted particular care to the pragmatic use of the goods she devised. And indeed, all the products were sewn by hand so as to make sure an excellent craftsmanship of their goods. Exactly due to the spotless looks and quality, Celine, in no time, came into fashion among people in the upper class.

In the late 1960s, the main power of designing is taken over by Michael Kors, a famous designer from NYC. He paved a new way in the fashion field in France. Distinguished from the popular trend of magnificence at that time, Kors added an American succinct and practical style to their goods successfully, which had laid a solid foundation for the further development of Celine.

Celine handbags are really practical and stylish. They are wonderful in all sides. Thus, a large number of fashion-conscious people cherish them for so long a time.

Add Cool-girl Punch to Your Summer Look: Chin Clothing and Handbags

Summer is a wonderful season of bright sunshine and is vibrant with life. It is also a fashion stage for ladies to show off their glamorous style. You allow of no exception. Here are some stylish clothing and handbags, which are sure to enhance your beauty and lend a fashionable touch to your summer style.

The warm summer weather always gives us a sense of wellbeing and the pieces of relaxed style are always the ideal wardrobe essential for your summer look. A chin coral cotton top is your perfect choice in the early summer days. With a front patch pocket detailing, this semi-sheer top adds instant twist to your weekend style. Wear it with a pleated olive-green shorts and opal linen wedge sandals. Update your casual look with an on-trend shoulder bag. This vintage oak leather bag features the ultra chivalry design and is sure to add a cool-girl punch to your neutral off-duty style.

No matter what season it is, a ladylike dress is the all-time must-have to each woman’s wardrobe. Toughen your warm-season wardrobe with this stud-embellished silk dress, which is an ultimate way to enhance your elegance. Thepewter studding and chain embellishment at bib front and the balloon-sleeves design exude contemporary boho glamour. It is a classic upgrade of your bohemian charm this season. Give this navy hue a sophisticated edge with a pair of black suede sandals. Work a classic cocktail style by adding an eye-catching handbag. This rich red crocodile shoulder bag is a covetable addition. Carry it by the gold chain-link strap to bring a flash of color and luxe to your after-dark style.
When the scorching hot days are coming, a cool tank of on-trend neutral shade is a perfect solution to the heat. Incorporate enviable downtown cool into your summer wardrobe with this lace-front cotton tank. The lace-front design lends a female touch to the neutrals style. Take a brisk walk in the sun by wearing this wearable piece with low-rise light-blue denim jeans and show off your love-worn brown suede wedge boots. Imbue your relaxed city look with a texture. Featuring a vibrant sage shade of python, this chin shoulder bag is a fabulously everyday companion. Wear it over shoulders or carry it on hand to introduce the ladylike twist to your summer charm.
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