Christmas is coming. Are you still worried about the gift to your father? Nowadays, more and more people send the cell phone to their father as a Christmas gift. And I think it so sweet and thoughtful. As we all know the cell phones are the practical tools for us to communicate with our father in our daily life. Also, with the development of technology, the beautiful design of cell phones meets the young people’s desire for fashion. And their Multi-use functions are convenient for consumers of all ages. Here, I’d like to introduce to you a suitable cell phone for your father.

Mobile phone S58 with SOS Key designed for the old
Not like the teenagers, the senior do not care much about the fashionable functions of the cell phones. As for them, they just hope that the little stuff is easy and convenient for them to use. Taking into account your father’s vision problem, this bar phone has only 12 super-big buttons. These not only help the senior call their children and friends easily, but also facilitate them with such clear and easy buttons. Big font, big speaker and big keys are just designed for the senior.

In addition,I appreciate the emergency-call key which is a SOS key on the back. Whenever your father meets the emergent problems, he can get help at once with such an important function. What’s more, the phone owns MP3 and true FM radio functions that can treat the old in their spare time. If you have no time to stay with your father, these functions are the best way for him to kill time. And we know that the senior must be careful when they are in dark, so this phone provides your father the flashlight which is conveniently operated.

It is so happy for your parents to receive such a thoughtful gift. And I think that your parents and you will have more time to communicate with each other with your gift. Absolutely, you will know each other better!