When Ralph Lauren outlet started manufacturing neck ties forty years ago, he did not envisage the position he is in today. The brand Ralph Lauren is known by the letters RL as it is has become A to Z for all personal needs. It includes variety of men’s and women’s clothing and all other accessories required personally. Ralph Lauren dresses covers all that is required by men and women. The brand is image is such that irrespective of the occasion RL stands out if you are wearing one. It is said that to wear RL you need not be a celebrity, because the brand has the status of a celebrity. The dresses from Ralph Lauren are varied in nature in terms of design, style, fashion, materials and colors.

• Range: the range of dresses that come under is Ralph Lauren dresses vast and unbelievable variety such as day time, special occasions, evening wear, sportswear, casual, tailored blazers and list goes on. The design for Ralph Lauren dresses are really exquisite, innovative and you need not be very knowledgeable about fashion or style or latest designs. All you have to is purchase RL dresses which will take care of all these factors and in a crowd you will stand out.

• Polo: the range which is the premium brand for Ralph Lauren dresses are Polo dresses collection. You have Polo in three categories namely Polo dress collections for women, girls and juniors. The color combination is unique and fantastic. The dresses in Polo range are not limited to women as it has similar range for men also. The Ralph Lauren dresses cover all the types for both women and men. The most important factor is the originality in the design.

• Types: Ralph Lauren dresses start from skirts, pants, shirts, Denim, outerwear, jackets, swimwear etc. The color for Ralph Lauren dresses is very wide and almost colors are offered in single, double or multi colors. Materials used in the making of the dresses are cotton, wool, twill, polyester, knitted, stretch etc. There is choice in each dress with regard to collar, neck, sleeves, apart from pattern.

It is widely held notion that Ralph Lauren dresses are very costly and it is only for the elite. If you consider the big stores, this is a true observation. However, Ralph Lauren is very conscious that their products should reach all. Their own outlets and numerous online stores offer heavy discount which makes RL product affordable for everyone.