What Christmas Presents will You Choose to Different Groups Of People?
With the closing step of Christmas, although it is the period of small inflation, choosing a suitable present to donate is still a good way of showing your feelings at the festival occasion. But when the time really arrives, according to different groups of people, what Christmas presents to choose confuses us heavily. So I will recommend you several presents for different ages, on the basis of my own experiences.
To children about 4 to 11, toys are still the choice. To girls, a fashionable Barbie doll must be best. With the rapid development of current technology, Barbie today can speak, laugh and cry. She can be a good friend with your little girl. At the same time, many girls prefer to dress up the Barbie in the way they like. On the contrary, superman model, Classic cartoon model or car model will be better to boys.
Children in primary and secondary school, they begin to have their own life and lay on self-regularity life, it is also a stage when girls begin to pay attention to their appearance, so a watch, such as the one below, should be good. This one is popular in girls, its simple, generous and red design can not only attract the public eye but also fit girls’ apparel, show their youth and vitality. It’s round dial showcases colored hands and colorful dot hour markers are very striking, its case is set in metal alloy for strength and durability, its PV leather strap with buckle clasp offers all day comfort and security. And, to boys the same type of black or gray watch should be popular, .
For younger adults, from 20-year old to 28-year old, a fashionable chic handbag below, fits young ladies very much. Its bright color and generous design can not only attract men’s eye, but also be a necessity to compliment ladies’ outfit. Owing this kind of bags is also a good way to make their own fashion statement. It’s special with quilted detail at front and zipper around the border. Its single leather handle with buckle band detailing and double drawstrings detail at sides. There’re one zipper flat pocket and two cell phone pockets inside. Participating in social with this handbag, ladies can show their charm completely. For young men, leather bag as this one will be a good helper both in their daily routine work and leisure time.
If your friend is between 29 to 50, both men and women, sending an multi-function mobile phone as shown in age of rapid development of information will make your relationship more intimate. The atmosphere design of its appearance is the most attractive part, and also, its large touch-screen, user-friendly software design are the symbol of able and efficient. It also has many advantages, such as, 200-300minutes long talk time, supporting English, French, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Installable languages, expansion of TF card, supporting auto-function, 3G, and so on. The phone will be the best proof of your friendship.
And for those of retirement age or already retired people, a practical camera will be very useful. For this age, the focus of life has been changed from work to enjoy life, for instance, travel to places they wanted to before or enjoy the family fun at home. At this time, a camera will not only record the happy time but also show the happiness when you’re lonely. A camera shown as the picture has many functions. It has a strong playback ground of videos, images and recordings, uses as mobile, USB flash disk, competed SD/MMC card, self-timer function and highlight lamp for night shooting, supporting system as Windows 98/2000/ME/XP.
The last but not important group who are really old, the best present will be thermal underwear. Such as the picture show, the color should be red, it symbolizes warmth, make sure the clothes must be 100% cotton and loose, because, old men don’t like to be bound, it would be better if the clothes is thickening. When people are really old, they won’t have body as strong as before, people at the age maybe just like reading books in study or drinking tee on the couch, so, an appropriate set of thermal underwear can not only withstand cold, but also warm their hearts.