Cocktail dress is very popular among people. Of course, most third people would like to choose a little dress in black to show up. They believe that it is safe and no harmful for others if attending your party. In fact, red colored dress is another popular one; especially Valentine’s Day is coming. However, if you would like to build your own distinctive character, you’d better choose the yellow one.

Are you stunned to that? This is scarcely surprising since yellow color is the most popular color in the year of 2011. As you may recall at first, it is must be the one with low-back, low waist, V-neckline and the popular A-line dress. However, yellow is redefining itself to an entirely new stage after that, moreover, the year of 2011 warmly welcome yellow.

Yellow is a color which signifies brightness, sunshine, life, vitality and immense zeal. So who is not willing to wear yellow colored dress show up in the party? Here I would like to share some tips on how to choose the best yellow dresses for the cocktail party.

Neighborly Cocktail Party Dress
If you are familiar with the host very well and the party is held during the afternoon, you need to choose a cream yellow dress with a length of mid-thigh. Don’t wear the dress with too much shimmer and sparkles; especially the party is during a whole day. Please note that your dress needs to show gentle, amusing and funny rather than babyish. Choose a plain printed dress attending cocktail party or wear the best combination of lace and taffeta. A heart shaped neckline cocktail dress without strap can also accomplish wonders.

Notably, it is not good for wearing yellow color from top to toe. So you’d better avoid yellow jewelry or yellow shoes as well. Maybe you can choose the different black high heels.

Company’s Cocktail Party Dress
Perhaps many people feel a little anxious about yellow dress is too strong for a company’s party. Don’t be worried. You can choose a light yellow dress with a high waist which can increase your charm. And you can choose one with slightly glittery to join the party in the evening. Remember just a little glittery.

Red Carpet Cocktail Party Dress
Yellow is very popular in red carpet cocktail party. It makes you outstanding among the crowd. If you wear a yellow grand dress on red carpet is very perfect and deserves a lot of applause!