The weather turned out to be fine at the time when I woke up in the morning. I invite several friends to go to the beach for cool. There were many people on the beach; they all wear their bikini or shorts. I had a great time with my friends. We also picked lots of shells on the beach, the color of the shells were very shinning. I just arrived home for a while when I started to writing this article. Seeing these beautiful shells, I always dream of owning a pair of shell earrings. I don’t know whether my dream can be come true or not.

In the afternoon, I went to my favorite earring store and had a good chat with the store owner. The owner was still warm-hearted and introduced me a lot things about wearing earrings. As the coming of summer days, she also introduced lots of seashell earrings. Here I’d like to share those beautiful earrings with you.

These seashell earrings are made of natural shells that are selected by the designer. Those which shaped like escargots can make people heard the sound of sea waves. No matter what shape and color you choose, they all can bring you chic sense. Try to imagine how it is romantic if you wear a pair of seashell earrings on the beach, with the kiss of sea waves.

Hi girls, if you still have no right earrings to accompany you through this warm season, why not have a try on these fabulous seashell earrings, I bet you will love them!