Bright colors gradually are welcomed by many people, and especially gorgeous fluorescence color has obtained certain favor in the fashion world. There is a collection items of gorgeous fluorescence color that will help you know more about the fashionable tone.

First of all, before you match items of fluorescence color, you should take two rules that are beneficial for your proper match and beautiful appearance. One is that you must have a key tone and avoid various fluorescence colors. The other one is to fluorescence colors you matched should be harmonious with each other. For instance, colors of necklace and bag should have a very fitful match.

In the collection, first item has to mention is garments you wear. Bright fluorescence color not only makes you skin white and good appearance, but also it can stand out your unique disposition. For example, Leighton Meester wears a green fluorescence color dress that is in loose design. It has a unique style that sleeves are set as two openings so that there are no long sleeves to make your arms tight in them. And they are in low position so as to you can wear it very ease. She matches dull black underneath to have a balance with bright green color. The light yellow bag in her hand is also in bright fluorescence color. She has made a very harmonious and fashionable style. And it is worth to take an example for you.

If you want to match a belt for your fluorescence color garment, the fluorescence color belt is very suitable. For example, the light green thin belt of Williamson you can match for fluorescence color garments. Certainly, you must make their colors in the proper and harmonious tone, or else they will make you in a very strange style.

When you wear fluorescence color garment, you also can carry a bright fluorescence color bag. There is a pink patent leather bag of mulberry that has tiny veins on its surface. In order to have a decent style, you can wear a light fluorescence color to match it. And its striking gloss will make you more attractive.

Brian Atwood has presented fluorescence color patent leather high-heeled shoes so that they have smooth and glossy style. They can be worn to match the same tone colors for you in accordance with your preference.

What’s more, you can wear some pieces of jewelry that are in fluorescence color to foil your unique disposition. You can choose your favorite colors and styles of jewelry to make you in bright style. Tom Binns designs a gorgeous plastic earring that is in fluorescence colors so that it will make you more attractive and elegant with its gloss.