These days, Estee Lauder launched an activity “elegantly amorous feelings for Christmas treasures” for the makeup they especially stressed; various aromatic salves gunned most women’s attention. Fans of Estee Lauder website increased rapidly.

 Admittedly, Estee Lauder never worries its overwhelming brand advantage. This time the leading fragrant cream shows its charm. Different with the perfume, the fragrant cream is still a little bit strange for Chinese customers, although many famous brands already have their fragrant creams. This time Estee Lauder thrust it into the limelight; we have to say this is a new sign for the fragrant cream in the gradually popular makeup field. Maybe the perfume is not the symbol of the high and mighty queen but the casually fashion girls.

Actually, the fragrant cream could be one of the earliest aromatic products. For Estee Lauder’s part, it launched its first fragrant cream in early 1967. Besides, Chanel, Yves Rocher and Benefit, all of them once launched fragrant creams. But compared with perfume, the fragrant cream is still niche product, especially for China which the perfume culture and market is in the primary stage. Fragrant cream even couldn’t be remembered in their minds. So the brands would better like to pay their attention to the sale of perfume rather than fragrant cream. But recently big men’s fashion trends are inclined to a new direction. Estee Lauder high-profile promotes the limited edition of fragrant cream in its website. The exquisite packaging is eye-catching of majority of women, which is as good as its star brand product series.

Exactly, the packaging is always one of the special charms of the fragrant cream. The businesses make great efforts on it. We can easily find the delicate flower modeling, sparkling diamond decorated on. To some extent, the craft of fragrant cream outlook is better than the perfume’s. The value of the craft is what the expensiveness is made of.

The followings is the special packaging of the Estee Lauder Fragrant Cream