It is well-known that jewelry is quite valuable; therefore the owners should pay more attentions to the cares of jewelry and they should clean the jewelry regularly to keep its brilliant luster and intact. The tips are as follows:

1. When one is doing sports or doing the hard works, do not wear jewelry in case of the hit and damage. 
2. Do not lay all kinds of jewelry into one drawer or jewelry box, because the hardness of gems and metals are different. The constant friction will get jewelry damaged.
3. Every month check your jewelry which you wear frequently at least once. If there is any damage or the inlay get loose, fix them as soon as possible.

4. Be extremely careful when wearing gems or green gemstone, because gems are easily to get
5. Do not wear the gems with porosity in the steamy places. The gems will change colors after
absorbing steam or sweat, so will the other materials of jewelry. Therefore, the owner should clean the
jewelry weekly.
How to clean the jewelry?
Clean water: The simplest way is to use the gentle soapy water and soft brush. Only the clean water is
also okay. After washing, put the jewelry on the towel excluding cotton velvet and let air dry. Use non-
waxy floss or toothpick to get rid of the dirt which can’t easily get removed.
1. Do not use bleach cleanser. Chlorine is included in the bleach cleanser and it will cause some dints on the jewelry. The worse impact is the alloy resolves or the welded parts are eroded. As a result, when one goes swimming in the swimming pool, he should not wear jewelry, because the water in the swimming pool includes chlorine.
2. Washing the diamond with boiling water is accepted, but rather than some gems.

Keep your jewelry bright and clean as possible as you can and hope the above information gives you some help