Christmas is coming! As the special and warming day coming, I would like to choose a meaningful gift for my dear dad. My dad is about 45 years old and he is always busy with his business. During the Christmas time, many shops online give discounts, and the prices attract many customers. I search on the Internet, and find out a kind of Quad Band Dual SIM Dual Standby Fm TV Mobile Phone. It is very suitable for the people who are doing business, especially for my dad.
The mobile phone is Quad Band, and it is a kind of bar phone. It just costs me USD$78.99 and I can save 7.82% if I buy it from the Internet. With a unique style and responsive touch screen, it has a large phone book, which can involve 500 contacts. This is one of the reasons why I choose this cell phone for my dad. The mobile phone also has the Bluetooth function; it will be convenient for dad to send some important messages or pictures to his customers. What’s more, the Bluetooth capabilities mean the cell phone is ready to use and be compatible to hands-free headsets and speakers. It can provide a safe way to have a talk while you are driving. In addition, the talk time of this cell phone is 3-4 hours. The talk time is very important for a business man to deal with his contracts, documents and some business issues. The phone is only 0.11kilograms and it is liable to carry around.
Besides, the most attracting point for me to choose this phone is the function Dual SIM Dual Standby. Because my father has two SIM cards, one is for business, the other for family. It is not convenient for him to have two cell phones to do with his business and family. So with this function, it allows him to change two SIM cards or two different numbers easily without taking out of the card.
Furthermore, the mobile phone also provides other functions, such as multiple languages, E-book format, FM radio, 640×480 camera, Java technology, etc. WIFI is supported; you can check your email in any time.
No matter for the price, the functions, or the feature of the mobile phone, I think it is suitable for my dad’s character. I will choose it as the Christmas gift for my dad, I hope he will like it and it will be benefit for his business.