Jewelries are bright, brilliant, gorgeous, charming and they are ladies’ favorite and watch is a symbol of status and luxury. Then we can come to the conclusion that the integration of jewelry into watch will be a perfect embellishment and it will be an indispensable item for modern elegant ladies.


Top 1: Piaget Limelight Party Disco Ball

Piaget Limelight Party Disco Ball has won the best ladies jewelry watch grand prize. The shape of this timepiece is inspired by the most legendary 70’s era Disco mirror ball. The whole design looks like a hemisphere decorated with 114 face plate diamonds with a sapphire crystal mirror.

Top 2: Piaget Snowflakes Watch


By the connection 361 diamonds and 163 sapphires, this watch forms snowflake prints in different poses. This romantic design makes people experience the artistic conception of standing in an expanse of white snow.

Top 3: Piaget Limelight Love Letter Secret Watch

This pair of couples watch is inspired by mysterious and profound love and they deliver a passionate message of “Love You” through their ingenious and smart design. Once the timepieces are closed, they just show the floating word “Love” and “You” which are written in bright diamonds and little cute rubies at the corner. And when the letter covers are opened, the word “you” written in dazzling diamonds will come into your sight while the black dial displaying the time.

Top 4: Piaget Limelight Twice Top Jewelry Watch


This watch is decorated with white and yellow diamonds which are combined into the shape of leaves, bringing fabulous visual effect. When you open the white lid, the silver dial under it will show the time and the same with the yellow lid. It is so specially designed that it can be worn on double-sides.

Top 5: Piaget Limelight Heart Jewelry Watch

Piaget endows this watch with deep feminine charm and it gives out an irresistible temptation. It is heart-shaped to express the essence of love. Bright sparkling diamonds on the brims rekindles the romantic sentiment of lovers.