Classic Rolex Watches Are Worth Your Purchasing

Rolex is famous for the excellent watch-making craftsmanship and production technology. Rolex watches, with outstanding quality, high precision and fine performance, are preferred in the world. Each model of Rolex is distinctive and timeless work of art. In particular, the Explorer is an elite collection of Rolex which perfectly combine the artistic beauty and practicality. In order to cater to the different demands of modern people, Rolex has produced different classic series of watches. All of these watches have endured different tests on some extreme natural conditions, which can guarantee that Rolex watches can keep always precise and sturdy. That’s why Rolex watches are loved by so many sportsmen, adventurers, travelers as well as other professionals.

Each Rolex timepiece is embodying the brand’s luxury style and human’s steadfast determination of conquering the world. Nowadays, Rolex watches inherit the traditional high quality, pursuit the simplicity and elegance. The superb materials and exquisite craftsmanship are so marvelous that the Rolex watches can not only chic and beautiful but also practical and comfortable to wear. Although on the harsh environment, the Rolex watches can perfectly function. So if you are interested in the beautiful and precise timepieces, Replica Rolex watches deserve your trust. Of course, these luxurious watches are also the ideal accessories which can add more charm to you in a flash.

Rolex watches are indeed must-haves for each tasteful and successful man. However, everyone is aware that the Rolex watches are not cheap for ordinary consumers. So replica watches are strongly recommended for you when you decide to purchase a top-end watch. The reliable store online offers the widest range of replica Rolex with superior quality and preferential prices. There are various styles offered, thus you can able to find the most coveted ones. All in all, Rolex watches are really worth possessing for everyone!

Vintage Models of Rolex Watches

There is no doubt that Rolex watches are the most prestigious watch brand in the world. The watches are uniquely designed, are seen as symbols of class and prestige and they are associated with many famous celebrities and personalities across the world.
With its foundation the late nineteenth century, the brand has many vintage models which are highly sought after today. The way the Rolex watch have evolved and the hallmarks in its journey towards technological sophistication find many models which are earmarked as distinct models. Thus, it should not awe anyone when the news came that a Rolex watch was auctioned for over one million for the first time in its history. The Christie’s auction event is a famed event for such prestigious models to be displayed and bid for. This auction which was held at Geneva, saw the auctioning of a model of Rolex which was manufactured in 1942.
Replica Rolex watches are highly sought for and there are replica watch designers who not only make the replicas of the latest models but also of vintage models. The watch which was auctioned at Christie’s on 2011 consisted of a watch which had the splits second feature and the chronograph was unique of the earlier times.
It is known that replica rolex can be the perfect example of horological craftsmanship as well as technological advancements. The watch that was auctioned was known as the Rolex Chronographe Antimagnetique which had a caliber designed by Valjoux. Its movement was designed with a nickel lever and was adorned by seventeen number of jewels. The hour markers are set in pink gold and the dial has a silver matte finish. There were other distinguishing features of this watch which made it a must for vintage collectors all over the world. Though only one collector got it, in case you want to opt for a replica, you can look for it amongst the replica Rolex watches.

Origin, Developments and Celebrity Taste of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches have the minute hand, second hand and the hour hand. They show, in addition to time, the day and current date.

Origin of Rolex watches
Rolex SA is a Swiss manufacturer of high quality and luxury wristwatches. Rolex watches are regarded as the status symbol.
Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand that produces about 2000 watches per day with revenue of approximately US $ 3 billion.
Developments in the Rolex watch industry
Rolex has moved from manual operations to system driven operation modes.
Automatic movements
This watch was produced in 1928 and it was powered by internal mechanism that used the movement of wearer’s arm.
Quartz movements
This type of watch came out in late 1960s and early 1970s. In fact, Rolex took part in the initial development of quartz watches.
Water resistant cases
Rolex was the first watch company to create a wristwatch that was water resistant to 100m or 330 ft.
Rolex Watch Company produced models suitable for the extremes of deep sea diving, mountain climbing and aviation.

Certified chronometers
Rolex stands as the largest manufacturer of the Swiss made certified chronometers.
Models of Rolex watches
It has 3 watch lines which include;
Oyster Perpetual
The celline line of watches is Rolex’s line dressy watches.

Celline models
• Quartz ladies
• Quartz men
• Cellinium
• Castello ladies
• Castello men
• Danass men
• Prince
Modern models
Date just


Pricing of Rolex watches
Rolex watches vary in prices basing on model and materials used but they are generally expensive.
Achievements of Rolex watches
Rolex is the official timekeeper of Wimbledon and Australian open tennis grand shows.
Tensing norgay and other members of the Hillary expedition wore rolex oysters in 1953 at an altitude of 8848 on Mt. Everest.
Murder investigation
The Rolex watch on Ronald Platt’s wrist eventually led to the arrest of his murderer because of tracking of the repair records of the watch.
It had a serial number and was engraved with special markings every time it was serviced.
Counterfeits in Rolex watches
Rolex watches are frequently counterfeited due to their fame. it is difficult to differentiate a real or fake Rolex watch.

Celebrities and wristwatches
We all love to see what celebrities wear and how they behave. the following celebrities are frequent users of Rolex watches.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
jay z
Silvio Berlusconi- the price of his watch is $540000
Bill Clinton
Leornado Di Caprio
Russia’s president Vladimir Putin
Yuri Luzhko, Moscows’s Mayor
Roman Abramovich, Chelsea FC owner
Britney Spears
Victoria Beckham.

3 Rolex Features for Fashion and Living Taste

Rolex is the watch brand with famous reputation, precision techniques, dreamy crafts and the passion for both tradition and innovation. We may share different sense for fashion and beautiful life. For Rolex men, fashion and living taste would be determined by precision feature, powerful function and watch decoration.


Superb Precision


In the eyes of Rolex men, precision is crucial point of fashion. Precision is the basic principle of watch, it would be the biggest proud of Rolex watches. Early in 1905, Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex had been starting the research on watch precision. In 1910, the timing test center conferred the precision certification to Rolex. And then in 10914, Rolex gained the A-precision certificate from Kew Observatory. Since then, Rolex became the byword of precision.


Nobody could deny its fashionable charm on precision which could let us easily read the tiniest time section on basis of 1/100 second.


Unique Function


Early in 1920’s, Rolex began to provide double-color case for choice. The main material is made by superb steel such as platinum in the color of yellow or red. Such material is solid and durable. Besides, it is quite easy to mix with other material. Founded by Rolex, such charming type of steel has been widely applied in many branded watches. Exquisite crafts with wonderful material usually tell the precious value of Rolex watches.


Constant pendulum thallium provides the possibility for every slight swing of wrist to be transformed into the movement impetus. Such system is the ancestor of modern automatic mechanical watch.


Waterproof and automatic are two researching directions for Rolex watches. Outstanding male athletes love its sturdy; explorers rely on its reliability and artists appreciate its elegance. From the deep ocean to the mountain top, from the poles to hot Sahara, Rolex could always run smoothly.


Gorgeous Diamond Decoration


Another attraction of Rolex watch would be the low-key design and perfect manufacturing skills. Fashion could be both conservative and wild. Rolex men would prefer the comfort and peace from the conservative watch design. However, they would definitely get excited to witness Rolex’s creation and change with surprise. On the watch case, shining diamonds are embedded to pave a new way for fresh life taste. Those diamonds are with the weight range from 0.15Ct to 3.50 Ct. 3 sliding diamonds add dynamic passion to its traditional style.


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