With the spring’s gentle wind and the tender grass, the young always create affective tone for themselves. Flower is blooming. They favor the simple life style that “small garden incense Drive independence around (from a Chinese poem).” Nothing is so pleased as to appreciate the various flowers at this moment.

Today, I want to talk something about rose. Rose, the queen of the flower, symbolizes woman, romance and love. It continually presents in these wonderful occasions, professions, marriage, and affairs. In the same satiation, in the modern perfumes, rose also plays an exceedingly important role. That is the most used fragrance. Rose almost exists in 80% perfumes. However, although rose is most used in perfume, other fragrances are more important than it. Only a small part of perfumes give off the really pure rose scent.
Before the Arabs decorate diamond on the perfume bottles, there’s a perfume being said the most expensive one in the world. That is “Joy” by Jean Patou. It is regarded as the representative of women’s taste. This perfume is only a gift that designer Jean Patou sent to the American VIP customers who don’t come any more after the great depression in 30s at the begging. But for high quality of its fragrance and splendid and elegant rose odor, this perfume finally becomes the legend of the history.

There’s another brand that is renowned in the last century 30s with Joy at the same time. It trumpets its name with five perfumes when first launched in the market. That is famous Lancome. That is branded with rose which delicate and sweet scent almost soaks into the whole perfume. The early launched Magie, Tresor which just had its 20th birthday, and the Mille et une rose are all the famous ones. If you feel the above rose perfume are more suitable for mature women, we have the younger and more modern rose perfume “Stella” created by the designer Stella McCartney. Once launched, that is famous and popular among tens of millions of girls.

Kelly Caleche from Hermes is more like leather with the rose perfume spraying. That is very suitable for the office lady. The Italian jewelry family Bvlgari’s rose perfume “Rose Essentielle” uses jasmine and acacia just to accebtuate Ottaman rose’s brightness. That is suitable for office lady for day and night.

Rose perfume is not only women’s prerogative. The men’s perfume also includes rose, but that is used as the crowning touch. Rose D’Homme from La Parfums de Rosine is one of them.