“Friendly disposition leads to wealth” is an ancient business motto. Treating people friendly in business and working, you will not only receive your customer’s relations, but also your colleague’s welcome.

We may notice this kind of things frequently: friendly person is very popular in company, while those who are cold to people, we all want to get away from her. On business, the same homogeneity and the same price’s commodity, some stores entertain a guest friendly, the patronage is continuous, and the business is very prosperous. However, some stores entertain a guest desolate, the customer is scarce, and the business is depression. Some customers would rather go round the sun to meet the moon to an outstanding service store than go to a nearby store which the service attitude is rather bad. Obviously, the smiling service and attitude is very important to store and working.

We often heard that heavy credit is the most important matter in business. For instance, someone goes shopping in corner far away and felt relieved that means that shop has the credit. While those nearby shopping but few customers are willing to go to. So those stores whose commodity is good and the price is also cheap, or those eating houses’ thing is the most delicious, this kind of shop makes one to spend likely the flower to feel relieved and glad, those shops which have the credit, certainly are the shops which can make money.

There are many stores and factories in the world; not only your store or company, however, which store or company the customer wants to choose is his freedom, so the business’ biggest topic is to cause the customer not to leave your shop. Everybody hoped that yours customers are getting more and more, but how to increase the number of customer go to your store? The secret is the visitors who passing by and you can make use of your power of sincere smile to draw the customers’ attention and buy your things diligently and no longer want to go to others.

The thing is good, the price is cheap, the sales clerk is affable, and then as long as your customer passed by your gate one time then they will forever become your customers. Your customers attract customers for you, then your business is prosperous, and your money is enough. People’s relationships are also like this. In many cases, people buy your services rather than your product itself, so we should remember: smile is the beginning of your wealth.