Valentino is one of top-class luxurious brands in senior leather bag market. When it comes to Valentino, people may easily feel its Roman noble sense. Indeed, Valentino’s bags perform the palace-style luxury with the calm joy of elegance. This article would introduce the new bow-style shoulder bag to you.
Gorgeous disposition and female fashion expression
It is well-known that Valentino should be the top-class fashion brand with design sense. The bow-shaped shoulder bag may also illustrate its luxury, charming beauty and fashion taste. It prefers using the purest color to express the sexy and romantic sense. Checking this gorgeous bow handbag of Noeud d’Amore, we may easily understand the unique style on bow design. Definitely, such luxurious bow-shape bag from Val may easily active the imagination and sexy sense from the elaborate handbag artwork.
Exquisite material application
Noeud d’Amore pays attention to the soft silk material and shining silk design. Such material is suitable for comfortable sense and wonderful clothing assortment. The soft silk would be smooth for hands’ touching. The double-used stripe is in handy design to shape Noeud d’Amore like messenger bag or tote bag for convenient carrying. After all, luxurious silk design of this Valentino bag soundly expresses the elegant charm for famous women. No wonder lots of its users like Jacqueline Kennedy, Julia Robert or Nicole Kidman could get the fame of Val’s Gals, or the women of Valentino. Furthermore, super Hollywood star Rihanna is its crazy fan.
Specification of bow-style shoulder bag
Like other Val’s bags, such shoulder bag meets wide popularity from colorful design choices. There are items in pink, dark red, black and silver for selection. Each pure color is helpful to illustrate the sexiest part for women.
The size of Noeud d’Amore is L43xH22cm. The eye-catching silk material with wonderful sewing technique and threading crafts also secure its charming effect in women’s eyes.