As is known to all, all the brides are gorgeous which is resulted from the magical wedding dress. Look at this wonderful wedding dress. The first time I saw it, I couldn’t help dreaming of wearing it.

It looks holy and exquisite. I have imagined hundreds of times that how I would look like with the wedding dress on. Also, I have been worried that the shortcomings of my figure would be exposed clearly. But when I put on this wedding dress, I feel very comfortable and confident. My friends exclaim in astonishment at the sight of me. They say it is so perfect for me and I couldn’t be more beautiful than today. The design of this dress highlights my tall and plump figure and reveals the sexy side of me. The style is simple but with austere elegance. The material is of high quality and it is so light that I won’t feel lumbersome when wearing it. The color is not pure white, but softly white, which bring people the feeling of warmness and harmony. It is not so transparent that I don’t need to wear something inside to protect me. The design of spaghetti strap is so considerate that I won’t have to pay attention to my dress to prevent it from dropping down. The ruffles and laces properly decorate the dress and add nimbus to the bride. What I love most is its length, it gives me the illusion that I am a princess and there will be two small children following me to lift my floor-long dress.

This dress is what exactly I have been dreaming of for my wedding. I love it so much and I will recommend it to my friends who will marry soon. I think it is a wise choice to have it at your wedding and it will draw a lot of attentions to you because of your incredible beauty with it.