Are you crazy about fashion? Do you have your unique dress style? What do you think will be the hottest trend this year? Perhaps you have noticed that striped tee is very popular in this year’s spring. But do you know what other fashionable elements are? Fashion is always changing, so your taste for clothing style also needs changing. I will teach you how to become a trendsetter. There are four fashionable elements that you can incorporate them into your personalized apparel.

1.Graceful White Color
New York’s most sought-after celebrity Alexander Wang exposed a twinkling show which composes of white clothes in 2011 Spring/Summer Fashion Show. Thus, white color has become a hottest element. And total white is the most stylish one. White jackets, white shirts, white trousers and white chiffons all can match others excellently. Shell fabric in translucent white color with distinct outline can add air permeability to garments. If you don’t want to get your clothes to look a bit harder, you can make use of a girdle or a pair of shoes where some parts are designed in brilliant color to break the chain of white color effects.

2. Geometric Prints
Geometric pattern and retro prints, together with dots and stripes, are quite popular with youngsters. This kind of element was all the rage as early as in the 1960s and was designed elaborately by stylists to show a kind of gorgeous passion and visual aesthetics. People will instantly experience a visual feeling that all the flowers are in blossom.

3. Sexy Hollow-out Design
Chanel 2011 Spring/Summer Show has seen that Reja made her appearance in a classic hollow-out dress which surprised us quite a lot. This king of design predicted that sexy hollow-out sexy will be prevailing in this spring. Hollow-out dress can be released in show stage, so it can also fit street hipsters. Such design gives a perfect explanation of two feelings: mature feeling and youthful feeling.

As long as you are willing to try such a kind of apparel, you must present a flattering look!