Every single female, nowadays, pays more and more attention to their appearance, such as the clothes they wear, the bags they carry and something like that.

However, when it comes to the bags which include shoulder bags, shoulders bags, handbags and so on, almost every female would like to own one, especially a bag with world famous brand. There are many internationally-known bag brands, such as Chanel, Gucci, Coach, Balenciaga.

Today, what I want to introduce to you is several types of Balenciaga handbags which are suitable for different people as well as different occasions.

The first type is designed for those fashionable females who love to pursue personality, fashion, take part in many parties, go window-shopping and even travel. Judging from the appearance of this type of Balenciaga handbag, it has two belts that are used to be carried by hands and by shoulder, which cater for fashionable females’tastes. In addition, this handbag is big enough and has many different kinds of bright colours and exquisite design style, which is loved by those females badly.

The second type that I want to introduce to you is often chosen by business women. Let us see this style in details. The classic black comes first, which gives people a sense of formal, mature, noble as well as elegant. Therefore, many business women prefer to choose the classic black. Meanwhile, the concise but exquisite shape without many extra decorations also makes people fell quite officially. What is more, this type is big enough for business women to carry some important documents and contracts. In addition, this kind of handbag is also fitted for many formal occasions, such as business party, negotiation as well as meeting.

Office lady, generally speaking, would like to choose the third type. Why? Different from fashionable female and business women, office lady loves a bag that, to a great extent, can embody her elegant and gracious temperament. Then, the handbag should be in bright colour but concise design style that will give people a feeling of formality.

According to Balenciaga tradition, every bag needs to express the temperament of every female. Above three types that I have mentioned are fitted for different women who have different occupations and are in different occasions. You can also choose one for yourself in line with your own situation.