The international eyewear chain, trend cutting-edge Lens Crafters is on the sale of the Burberry optical glasses and sunglasses of the series of fall and winter in 2010 on behalf of the British elegant brand – Burberry. The classic floral and check designs are creating the authentic British styles to the fashionable people.

Meanwhile, from the in August 2010, some of the national Lens Crafters stores which are through the high-end selection will come up with the new products with the new series of Burberry appearing in the market. There will be the exquisite interpretation of the British styles between the in-store and showcase, which greatly help the Lens Crafters customers to enjoy the amazing shopping experience on the autumn season.

The new series of Burberry glasses in 2010 autumn and winter are designed with reference to the classic logo from Burberry brand personality pattern details. Designers have drawn the inspiration from the innovative clothing line this season. Every piece of the glasses model is equipped with Burberry logo in the foot strap. The designs of these glasses are with the modern and classic styles which perfectly highlight the Burberry’s tradition and act in coordination with the systematic styles of the Burberry clothing.

The color of this glasses series includes earth tones, light straw color, white, high green, gray, gray and purple, pink, gray, red, dark red, dark blue, charcoal and black. Ladies sunglasses are highly recommended in the ranges of the new products. This piece which is printed with the mirror flower check in the legs had appeared in Burberry2010 fall and winter fashion show.