With expensive wristwatches approaching higher prices, cheep watches no are welcomed in watch stores. Recent days, many watch brand release beautiful but practical watches, Casio is one member of them, the Casio Baby G Solar watch is a few cheap and supplies a luxury feeling.

At the early time, original watch just for practical use, but during 17th century the watch became to be a new fashion access for people, at that time, may famous brands we are familiar with recent years were not founded. Then men stared to wear watches of take pocket watches in 19th century. These watches were very expensive and just a few people can afford. After the First World War, watches became common products.

During the first world war, once time, soldiers happened to get a piece of pocket watch; it was ponderous to watch time. Some soldiers had watched with watch bands, but many others were from working class and cannot buy watches. National leader needed their military has a tool to know time in order to catch up with various operations. So Government Issue wristwatches fro soldiers. So, after the First World War, watch started to be common in working class.

Over the past years, watches of Casio brand and other famous brands have been changed many times and more and more design ideas have been expressed in their products. In 20th century, watch developed from time tool to fashion accessory, even the new jewelry watches bring fashion people another expect.

With watch designers creating us more and more fashion watches, we have more and more choices when seeking a watch. Cell phone also can be used as a watch in recent years. This piece of Casio Baby G Solar watch can supply us many functions, the style of it will refresh your eyes and express the wealth.
With the negative developing of economy, people now are unwell to spend more money to by watches, so many watch brands start to try to release cheaper watches, Rolex, Versace and Oris all will be our friends in watch market.