The founder of CHAUMET Marie-Etienne Nitot related the dazzling jewelry with Napoleon’s my in a promising vision, he consecrated jewelry to French emperor and became the appointed royal jewelry manufacturer. And that was great successful beginning of CHAUMET with glory from Napoleon.

And he mainly designed some imperial crowns and swords to the royal. After his brother succeeded it, CHAUMET jewelry attracted many European royal members so that the nobles worn various jewelry, such as diamonds, ruby and pearl accessories. So, the shapes of jewelry are also designed innovatively, such as heart shape, ivy leaves shape and violet shape.

CHAUMET jewelry obtains surprising creativity out of its endless imagination and loyalty to tradition of top custom jewelry. Platinum watch of Lune de miel is inlaid diamonds on the outer of watchband, and dial is made by black pearl. Watchband is matched with black silk belt. The needles are made into a butterfly style.

CHAUMET jewelry inherits stress on delicate details and elegant lines favored in centuries. And it explains from the nature to make nice jewelry. It grasps the wonderful moments of nature and adopts them into jewelry manufacture, such as dew dropping on the leave, soft rime in the morning and crystallizes in the winter.

Dentelle de givre diamond necklace is made into a soft rime style with overlapping five diamonds layers. The style earring is in two styles. One is charming ice crystallize shape, and the other one is water-drop shape. Ice crystallize ring is made by dropping diamonds in three lines just like crystal tassel.

Bee is brand symbolization of CHAUMET. In the new nature jewelry series, bee also plays an important role. The lithe and graceful dance of bee is applied into jewelry designs. No matter they are bees’ wings or feelers, the delicate gemstones can be deduced bees’ lifelikeness.

In February 19 of 2011, CHAUMET released Lune de Miel honeymoon series jewelry in Taipei. And that is the first time that CHAUMET held top jewelry show in China and introduced French royal and sweet honeymoon theme.

Platinum and diamond necklace, earring and ring of Lune de Miel are inlaid yellow sapphire and garnet that make a colorful and gorgeous effect. Gold and pearl jewelry of Lune de Miel is inlaid diamonds, orange and yellow aspphires.

The delicate wristwatch is made by 18k gold. Circle and ear of watch are inlaid round incised gemstones. Watchband is made by lizard skin in honey color and it is automatic to wind up.