Part 1 about scarf This winter is said to be the coldest one in last 20 years, so the first thing that we have to do is keeping ourselves warm. But young girls can not tolerate the tragedy that they must sacrifice the opportunity of showing their lovely figure for fat and clumsy clothes which just aim to keep warm. Therefore, big and warm scarf has become the new favorite fashion this season. An assortment of scarf has broadened our horizon, bib, carves, shawl and so on. Wearing a scarf can make your ordinary wear turn into fashionable style instantly, and taking color, shape and size of scarf into consideration, you absolutely don’t worry about putting on repetitious clothes everyday. In the final analysis, scarf is definitely the most worthy of gorgeous accessories this season.

Part 2 about boots Faced with the extreme cold winter weather, many beauties have come up with smart tricks to respond to it. That is so thick fur boots, which can let our legs and feet warmer. This year, the fashionable trend is Arctic style that marked by all kinds of thick fur boots. Wearing exaggerated and warm boots to get cold weather under control is indeed a warm and consistent trends way. The role of shoes is not only comfortable, but also a good tool to dress for your body’s overall. Another popular element is tassel, you can choose ankle boots, clogs. Rivets and feathers can add tassel shoes style in the most appropriate method. At the same time, national print dresses, lace, motorcycle vest has always been the most popular stuff that make us vogue.

In closing, I’d like to call your mention that no matter what others tell you about the things that are worthy to buy, you have to decide whether it is fit for you or not. Be a smart consumer, you will get a lot of fun.