Hello Kitty, being a universally popularized cartoon character, has always enjoyed great attentions among its fans. Since Hello Kitty was born, a rich array of related commercial stuffs and fashion accessories emerge like Hello Kitty jewelry box, Hello Kitty nail designs and Hello Kitty bags. And now, Hello Kitty sneakers are born.

The global brand has joined forces with Vans to bring fresh look of Hello Kitty image for both fans all over the world. Nowadays, cooperation between top brands are not rarely, and customers especially fans of both brands will have great profits from such collaborations. So it is possible to imagine that this teamwork will bring large popularity for both companies among the youth for both products are favored by youngsters.

The common thing both products share is that their designs show great passion, energy and fun. Hello Kitty is always a cute, feminine symbol though it is 35 years now.

And this time, Kitty will be shown in 3 different designs on Vans limited edition line. It is easy to imagine how attention-grabbing you will be wearing such lovely sneakers.

Hello Kitty & Vans low top sneakers

How lovely they are! I fall in love this design in my first sight!

Hello Kitty & Vans checkered pattern sneakers

Checkered pattern one, do you love such style coming into red, black and red.

Hello Kitty & Vans high top sneakers

If you like high top style, try this one. Unlike low top design, they are designed with black laces to build sharp contrast.

Are you ready to prepare to make a fashion statement with those adorable shoes?