When the autumn comes, leaves are falling and the weather becomes colder. We may have little trouble in choosing clothes in such a season, but how about our shoes? Especially for girls, a pair of good shoes is really necessary. Then how we should choose shoes? And what shoes girls should wear?  I will give you some advice.
Girls nowadays are more interested in things that are fashionable and comfortable, so shoes designed in a fashionable way are the most popular. There seems too many shoes in shoe markets or shoe stores, and they always attract girls’ eyeballs. At this time, girls can choose shoes according to your own interest and habit. Perhaps some girls like sport shoes because they are comfortable and convenient. While some other girls would like to choose high-heeled boots,because they look fashionable and wonderful.
In autumn, on one hand, the weather is a little colder, so girls can put their sandals away and a pair of sport shoes may be a good choice. There is a lot of sun in autumn, girls can get together to have a camping outside and sports shoes can bring them much convenience. On the other hand, there are always various autumn-clothing in many girls’ wardrobes. And what they need most may be a pair of boots that can match their clothes perfectly. After all, boots, high-heeled boots in particular, belong to a part of fashion and they can make girls feel confident and encouraged.
Girls have a large number of choices in choosing shoes in all seasons. In autumn, they can wear fashionable sports shoes as boys do. What’s more, they can also choose beautiful boots. In a word, girls are the happiest. They should believe in such a sentence “Because I like it, I choose it and it only belongs to me”.