MOTO Droid Bionic Brings You Into a 4G World

Droid Bionic by Motorola was first introduced at the CES 2011 & the world’s largest consumer technology trade show. According to the survey, many consumers gave positive feedbacks and favor it a lot since itsappearance. Large amount of consumers conveyed even can’t wait to possess it, and experience the wonderful 4G world.

Motorola’s second Android device, the DROID, comes hot on the heels of the CLIQ before it — but it’s a very different beast. The DROID sets several important Android firsts, packing a high-powered OMAP3 core, massive 854 x 480 display, and a heavily reworked version of the platform dubbed 2.0 while leaving Motorola’s custom social networking platform, MOTOBLUR, out of the equation. In the US, it has become one of Verizon’s very first Android devices — and it’ll see duty internationally as the MILESTONE.

DROID BIONIC’s popularity results from its all-around superior performance.

Outstanding appearanceIt’s very social, with straight board design, a front-facing web cam and a rear-facing 8 MP camera on large 4.3-inch, qHD (960 & times; 540 pixel) quality display which will undoubtedly bring customers an unexpected visual enjoyment. 3D graphics techniques highlighted in CES 2011 will fully display in this product as well.

Perfect configurationWith 512MB RAM and a dual-core processor allows you to experience 4-G like power and speeds much faster than typical 3G. This is just what attracts customers most. However, compared with Atrix 4G by Motorola, it can provide better 3D performance and recording and playback HD video function. Droid Bionic also can be linked to LCD TV by HDMI, so HD movies and videos in your cell phone can be played on bigger screen as well. Furthermore, the front-facing web makes vedio call together with teleconference by your cell phone become reality, and the picture will be more fluent. What’s more? Gamers must be crazy about the fast loading and the crystal clear game.

Long standby timeConsidering so many wonderful functions, you may be worried about the standby time of Droid Bionic. It’s totally unnecessary for you to do so. Unlike other 3G cell phones, the integrated processors in Droid Bionic enable its every part works in coordination with low energy consumption, therefore you won’t be bothered by charging your cell phone frequently. Droid Bionic will accompany you anytime and anywhere, just like your sincere friend. MOTO Droid Bionic brings you into a 4G world, with Droid Bionic’s outstanding appearance, perfect configuration, superior performence and long standby time. MOTO Droid Bionic will for sure open up a new age, and possession of it will also be your wise choice. So let’s have it, let’s experience the 4G life and enjoy the modern technology.