For watches of famous brands, maintenance is the most important thing. Without proper maintenance, you will lose not only your watches, but also money. So, learning to take good care of your watches is the first step.

1. Basic knowledge of watch maintenance. How long a watch can endure depends on if the owner is using it properly and taking good care of it. For example, taking your watch into showers, ugly surfaces, not suitable watchband and bad using circumstances can all do damages to your watch and shorten its life span. Watches of medium-to-high grades should get maintained every two to three years. Their waterproof components should be changed and their timekeeping performance and cassette mechanism checked. The surface should also get cleaned and maintained. Proper maintenance can absolutely extend the life span.

2. Waterproof condition. A watch is waterproof for its waterproof cushion rubbers at the watch mirror and the back cap. Every waterproof watch is printed on the back cap the word water proof or water resistant. Watches without these words can only resist dust but not water. 3ATM watches are suitable for daily washing up and usages in the rain. 5ATM watches can be worn at swimming. 10ATM watches can be used for diving.

However, as the cushion rubbers grow older, its function will go worse. In this case they need to be changed regularly. As for quartz watches, their cushion rubbers have to be changed every time the batteries are changed.

No kind of waterproof watches is suitable for hot-water showers, sauna or conditions with sharp temperature changing. The cushion rubbers in the watches get contracted or expanded along with the temperature changes, which speeds up the aging of the rubbers and dose damages to the watches.

3. Watchbands. The most useful materials for watchbands are pottery and porcelain, metal, leather and nylon. Pottery and porcelain watchbands have the traits of endurable and graceful.

Watches are tokens of social status. Owning an expensive watch is far from enough. Taking good care of it shows your good taste.