I have no great expetation of IWC watches in 2010. Honestly, the IWC 2009 watch offerings were quite disappointing. Last Year¡¯s Lego Diver collection, vintage collection and the DaVinci were impressively horrible. I have to say, I have never discovered a model that could attract me since the great Ingenieur Ceramic. The very well-received Portuguese family has never grown me either. It seams that it has conquered the world, but has never worked me. N sure why. They just gave me a blend and boring impression. For me they just keep working on some details on the already estabilished models-Just like watch Rolex watches do.

However, I have a big surprise when browsing the new IWC Portuguse collection.It seams that IWC has put everything in the right place. And the whole collection looks quite refined with interesting yet exquisite details, which makes you can not help but take a second look. And the collection has a king, the Portuguese Manual ref. 5454, the outshines the rest.

The proportion of the watch, 44mm at diameter and 10mm thick, is perfect and elegant. The dial is very easy to read and looks much more delicate than previous models. And I have no regrets or complains about the overall finishing-it is definitely impeccable.And the price, nearly 6,000 €,
is not very crazy. Beating inside the watch is an reliable automatic movement of 8 days power reserve which I think is a welcome addition to the collection. I sure this model is going to be one of the must-have watch this year. And the watch

And I feel wordless before the DaVinci chrono in ceramic. IWC must go to a terribly wrong direction. It is the same boring as other DaVinci watches. Maybe you have your own saying about it. But me, I do not even want to say one more word for it.