Jacob&Co is a young brand on the watch, and it was founded at New York in 1981 by Jacob Arabo who grew up in Russia and showed great interest in jewelry at his early age. In the fact Jacob&Co was only a jewelry individual workshop to design and to make some jewelry brands for private customers specially at the beginning.

Among his customers, one was called Faith Evans who was an R&B singer in the middle of the 90s, and it was he that introduced Jacob to his musical friends, and then Jacob began to get attentions.

Inspired by the lifestyles of customers who needed to fly here and there all the time, Jacob decided to step into the timepiece industry, and then Five Time Zone watch was born at that time, the dial plate included four smaller dial plates to show the time at New York, Los Angles, Paris and Tokyo separately. All kinds of the matches in different colors and styles could satisfy different fashionable requirements of customers, and most of customers were musical people.

On April of 2003, Basel World Watch and Jewelry Show was held and it marked that Jacob&Co this brand began to step into the international market.

Though this brand was very young, it was very popular among many superstars, fashion people and millions of young boys, even Nigo of BAPE, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez and Beckham were faithful fans of Jacob &Co.

As long as you are famous and rich, you could order a Jacob&Co watch that only belongs to you, and then you will have a unique watch in this world.

In a world, Jacob&Co is a young brand on the watch, but it has become an international watch brand, and it has won more and more love from people depending on its special designs and styles.

I am sure that Jacob&Co will be more popular in the near future.