“Women are my friends, and they need their own wrist watches too”, from the time these words was said by Paul Mercier to now, the brand of Baume & Mercier have created a legend
The love story between Baume & Mercier and women begins in the 20th century. With the gradual emancipation of women’s rights, women demanded higher and higher qualities of luxuries. There was a trend that the watch in the vest of suit was replaced by the wrist watch. The first paragraph of the wrist watch to the elaborate watch only was one step away, and Baume & Mercier made a new attempt to create unique and nice wristwatch as a decoration. Then the publicity campaign is “to provide for women’s wonderful wristwatch”. From then on, the strong relationship between women and Baume & Mercier had been built. Since a few generations, it has become a heartfelt feelings and understanding through a series of wonderful products: 1920′s Baignoire series, the launch of the title of the Marquise in 1940, and introduced by 2008, to women’s Ilea series.
Meg Ryan, Kim Basinger, Teri Hatcher and Evangeline Illy as the spokemen of the brand,fully display the beauty of women. The series of “Diamant” diamond series is definitely the most that can show a woman from carefree temperament of idle, elegant, soft, delicate concise but precious, timeless charm. It is suitable for busy woman in daily life, let they on any occasion can perfectly show natural colourful bright light shine, magnificent.
Flawless, fine beautiful design, smooth charming curve, fully display the incomparable distinctive temperament! Each elegant woman is worth with such a noble wrist!