Some name brand products have been around for many centuries, and the Timex company is no exception. The company has creating watches of excellence for many decades and has earned a firm recognition for their watches. The basic style of Timex watches has changed over the years to meet the different demands of the people who wear them. Currently, you can get various prominent and creative designs among the plethora of styles available in the market.
The styles that feature the perpetual calendar might be the perfect choice for those people who want a faithful watch for business purpose. These watches can also come equipped with timers that will emit a buzz as an alarm system unit. This is quite useful if you have to reach someplace on time or need to make a crucial business call. Leather is a quite durable material as it can withstand the rigors of lots of bumps while maintaining the same brilliant look, and these professional watches all come in designs that consist of a leather strap.
You can also get some varieties from Timex, and these fine watches are mainly devised for outdoor activities. Some are actually referred to as trail series watches and come complete with a fully functional compass. The styles that feature a digital thermometer with analogue display are perfect for those people who comsume a long period of time for outdoor activities. This particular style is available with the Indiglo feature, which allows the piece to glow in the dark with a press of a button.
If you are seeking for something chi to complete your look, you might also get some items manufactured to be eye dazzling in design. For women there are several styles with pink bands and pink watch faces. You can also sport some styles created from metal, gold or silver.