There is no doubt that Rolex watches are the most prestigious watch brand in the world. The watches are uniquely designed, are seen as symbols of class and prestige and they are associated with many famous celebrities and personalities across the world.
With its foundation the late nineteenth century, the brand has many vintage models which are highly sought after today. The way the Rolex watch have evolved and the hallmarks in its journey towards technological sophistication find many models which are earmarked as distinct models. Thus, it should not awe anyone when the news came that a Rolex watch was auctioned for over one million for the first time in its history. The Christie’s auction event is a famed event for such prestigious models to be displayed and bid for. This auction which was held at Geneva, saw the auctioning of a model of Rolex which was manufactured in 1942.
Replica Rolex watches are highly sought for and there are replica watch designers who not only make the replicas of the latest models but also of vintage models. The watch which was auctioned at Christie’s on 2011 consisted of a watch which had the splits second feature and the chronograph was unique of the earlier times.
It is known that replica rolex can be the perfect example of horological craftsmanship as well as technological advancements. The watch that was auctioned was known as the Rolex Chronographe Antimagnetique which had a caliber designed by Valjoux. Its movement was designed with a nickel lever and was adorned by seventeen number of jewels. The hour markers are set in pink gold and the dial has a silver matte finish. There were other distinguishing features of this watch which made it a must for vintage collectors all over the world. Though only one collector got it, in case you want to opt for a replica, you can look for it amongst the replica Rolex watches.